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Wifey Chapter 2 — February 21, 2019

Wifey Chapter 2

When I woke up the next day, one of seven, I was still Wifey. She was in charge by the power of my aching cunt.

The outfit Andres had picked out for me was ridiculous. Barely legal. He did not allow me a bra and if there was a cold gust my nipples would show. It was a black sleek one piece that went down less than an inch beneath my botttom. He allowed me a very thin and provocative g string. I checked you could see my asshole beneath the fabric.

“It will be ok,” I thought to myself, “this is very exciting for our marriage and I can just see clients who I know have a thing for me and it would only help. ”

I still thought Andres was mistaking ordinary BDSM for some kind of philosopher’s stone. When I came into the kitchen he had me kneel next to him at his feet and look up at him smiling. He was insatiable for a loving smile with eye contact. His cock stirred and I could feel it move as I rested my face on his lap.

It was like falling in love again.

“Mohammad is coming with breakfast, ” he stroked my hear mentioning his favorite graduate student. “He is helping me design the relationship technique. He is really quite remarkable. This is no ordinary BDSM.” He said. Smiling down at me.

“I know thats what you think,” he playfully slapped my tits, which were definitely on shapely display in this dress.”Its ok, you confirmed one of my predictions. That the predisposition for Male Owner style relationship techniques is so common you could basically switch it on in most women, well at least at odds better than chance.” I was not persuaded.

“There is also a biochemical component. I have expanded into endocrinology and have a wonderful collaborator. You will meet her tonight. Her name is Juliet. You have to consume semen at least 3 times a day.” His face became stern as I feigned retching  “this actually presents a problem because to a great extent I am edging just as you are. Constant sexual stimulation with dramatic earned release is an important component. Sadly to do my part I can only feed you cum once a day.”

My jaw dropped at these words. I had never swallowed cum in my life. How presumptuous.

“Check your email,” Andres manslapined, “I sent you 5 primary research articles on authentic recently discovered psychoactive benefits of consuming semen. But only in women off course.”  He frowned. “If I could have just planned ahead I could have bottled mine.” Gross.

“I’m not fucking eating cum, ” answered Paige firmly, Wifey was now pinned by my outrage.

“Is that so?” answered Andres. No not Andres, Daddy. My male owner.

He took me with his brute strength like a wrestling move and pulled me up to his knee. He moved my dress up, my ass bare in my new ridiculous thong. He put his thumb in my mouth. I bit it. He did not let go but took control of my jaw.

“We have values about keeping our word as a couple don’t we” He spoke sternly but calmly. Underneath my abdomen feeling his cock throb evoked Wifey.

“We do,” I answered in a voice that was already prepared to obey this any command this born again beast in Andres expected. This Daddy.

“Suck my thumb while I spank you. Now that I am your Daddy I am going to raise you right. ” His words were so obscene and so arousing. Once again I was afraid and turned on. There is something about this feeling like falling. Only Wifey can feel this wonderful feeling.

He did and was doing it when Mohammad came in. There I was my ass out red and stinging and me sucking Daddy’s thumb like a stranger in front of one of Daddy’s subordinates. I had subordinates for Christ’s sake.

Andres was fond of Mohammad and had mentored him since he was an undergrad. Yes he was an immigrant but as far as I know he was a strict scientific atheist, with maybe one exception. The abominable Dungeons and Dragons. Andres and Mohammad hosted, in my house, this absurd game twice a month. I usually served ourduvres and then watched murder shows on Investigation Discovery. Now Mohammad was here and caught me red assed possessed by Wifey like a demon.

“Why you are quite beautiful Ms. Sepulveda,” Muhammad beamed innocently.

“Thank you” I chuckled and hid my face.

Andres moved my hand, “Gaze at him and smile. He complimented you on your sexiness, the least you can do is smile. He swatted my stinging ass once again.

“Have you debriefed her?” Asked Muhammad.

“I was hoping you would as well, hearing it from a more objective voice will maybe convince her that we are doing something much bigger than ordinary BDSM. ” It was amazing how he read my doubts.

“Well you are smart then Mrs. Sepulveda, it comes from BDSM many of our discoveries. They have a higher mental health quotient than vanillas, and the most popular kinks are based on traditional gender roles. Most popular by far….” Andres interrupted.

“Call her Paige from now on. Paige go kneel at Muhammad’s feet and smile and gaze at him as he debriefs you,”

“Yes Daddy, ” I was surprised I was being this submissive. I was daydreaming about the two of them fucking me. I had not been with another man in a very long time and my cunt was aching from being edged.

As I got up to walk towards Muhammad and kneel in front of him Daddy stood up behind me, so tall, and pushed down on my shoulders, “No, crawl.” He said calmly but firmly.

It was so humiliating but hot too. I understood that I wasn’t a prude. I just had a good husband.

“Look at him and smile while you crawl,” He encouragingly squeezed my sore bottom, “be sexy and obedient.” Those were the only two rules, or so he said. Which apparently meant that I was to dress like a slut and obey an infinite number of orders thought up on the fly. Muhammed smiled back.

I knelt at his feet and enjoyed his young face. He was 25. If I did anything with him it would make me a cougar. That thought came straight from my eager cunt.

“This is amazing!,” said Muhammad over me to Andres, “this is only day one?”

Andress put his finger over his lip commanding scilence and said, “We began last night?”

“Oh yes, of course,” Muhammad corrected himself, god knows from what? “So yes your insight about BDSM is not inaccurate. We have studied all sexual subcultures. We have also been following the most recent break throughs in physiological sexology and it turns out frequent semen consumption is essentially a cure all for psychiatric disorders. In females of course,” he chuckled nervously, “but we will get to that. In essence you are the pre pilot study, we will also recruit a few others who will try this relationship technique, as we call it. We need a better name, it truns out women are hard wired to actualize dramatically when the have a Male Owner.” I interrupted

“….Daddy you mean.” I was somewhat afraid that I would be punished for interrupting Muhammad though I had no reason to. I enjoyed that fear. Wifey gets cunt drunk on that fear.

We all three laughed, “I see,” Muhammad continued, “very insightful.”

“For men there are also many protocols but we believe for the outcomes to be ideal it is best if the female is not privy, she just gets to enjoy the results. Which like for you will be maximized well being. We believe this may essentially be a cure for divorce. It makes men and women medicine to each other, this technique. But there is the one non negotiable component,  why in the animal kingdom we call it the Male Owner, ” I interrupted again.

“Obey and be sexy.” Muhammad looked back up at Daddy and he looked impressed. I felt very wet and very proud.

“Yes exactly. Women compete with one another for male attention. Essentially they also destroy each other in this competition, slut shaming is by far a greater female phenomena than a male one. ”  Muhammad continued, ” So we believe that by giving women lots of male approval and male attention we hack this system, this is relatively to achieve but women’s prudishness is born of a fear of judgment, mostly from other women. Obedience , which women crave more than just for the purpose of being alluring, gives women the courage to flaunt sexually. If you thought of male attention as money, and for your little female body its worth more than that, there is enough to go around to make every woman a millionaire. If only she was able to completely let go and be sexy. Women need men to force them essentially, well force through seduction,”…..

Andres made the sign of silence again.

“Well that’s unecessary. So Andres is going to want you to allow other men to fondle you. In every instance but this one you choose, but he wants you to allow exactly the kind of thing women in #metoo destroy careers over. He has a hard limit. Your anus and vagina are only to allow his dick at this time,” Muhammad stood up, and plopped a huge young cock in front of my face.

“Now you need to feed that interrupting little mouth of yours, and remember while you do it you have to look up and smile. ”  I was terrified.

“Do it baby, Daddy needs you too, ” Said Andres as he sat comfortably and watched. He had his phone out and was videoing me.

It was overwhelming. I didn’t want to. I felt pressured and coerced. I was afraid. Paige was afraid. But Wifey was afraid and turned on so she took Muhammads cock greedily into my mouth.

I don’t know how to deep throat, but I do know how to tease and worship a cock. I know how to make it cum. I have just always spit it out. But not this time. My gaze shifted to Andres who watched.

“Swallow it,” he said, his phone still filming. I did.

“Show me,” I opened my mouth for his phone. I had watched a lot of porn last night and had a conversion experience. I was eager to edge to porn again, and also very excited to be making some. Though Andres would probably just say it was “experimental documentation.”

“Now sit on his lap,” and with a belly full of Muhammad’s cum I did.

“Good girl,” he said. The first time another man ever called me that. Wifey radiated like a star when she heard those words.

Andres got up and put his thumb in my mouth, “She is a good girl,” and like petals of a flower I counted that the third time my husband spoke those beautiful words to me.

“Being sexy is important baby. I know last night was good but its only the beginning, for both of us. This technique is going to make us new people. Superior people.” He said without a doubt in his breath.

For a second I believed him, but then my thoughts were eclipsed by Muhammad’s hands on my tits. He effortlessly popped them out of my dress and began to suckle them.

“Paige if you get an opportunity to let a man do this to you allow it. You will chose the men of course.  You must only forbid being fucked in your ass and cunt and I will fuck those plenty. You will simply tell men that you are a BDSM submissive and you are doing this for your dominant. And just like that you let him play with you. Always smile and gaze at them. Thats very important. And have them take pictures including a consent video otherwise they will fear repricussions. If any man hurts you or violates my rules I will kill him. You can tell him I said so. Be discerning and you should have no problem.”

I was shocked. Andres essentially told me to fuck other men. With my mouth at least. Was he going to fuck other women with his mouth?

“I won’t lay a finger on another woman,” he read my mind again. “This is about teaching you to be sexy and obedient.  Now Muhammad and I need to go to work.”

Muhammad was pulling my thong into my inny pussy and masturbating it as Daddy gave me these terrifying slutty instructions. It was too much, I could feel like was cumming. My eyes pleaded as much as my voice, “Please Daddy…”

Andres deliberated.

“It would make for good conditioning considering your expectations,” Muhammad said as he flossed my cunt more ardently. I was about to lose control on this boy’s lap at my Daddy’s command. I was ashamed. But I was also undeniably the sexiest I had ever been in my life.

“Yes Baby,  go ahead,” andress patted my head like a dog. I came. Loudly. And humped Muhammad’s leg while doing it. It was a monstrous orgasm. Almost psychadelic.

“Good girl,” they both said almost giving me another one.

“Remember to edge on the way to your sales appointments Paige, and send us both a video of your progress. No cumming with anyone again until I say so. ” Daddy commanded.

I was back on the floor on my knees, almost delirious and unaware that I had shifted back to what was my new default position. “Yes Daddy, ” I said and smiled and looked them both in the eye. I was a good girl. But they forgot to say it again.

The orgasm did not undo the edging. If anything it made it worse. I had to masturbate again and soon. I couldn’t take the wand because my busy day would have me in the car. I decided to buy one. I decided, Wifey, decided to have my first client Paul meet me at the sex store.

I told him I knew it was weird but I was just buying a gag gift for a girlfriend. But I was really busy, and I closed it with the brilliant… “I bet its more fun than our usual business lunches.”

He sent back a laugh emoji and “of course.”

So I needed to masturbate before I left the house to meet the agreement to send both men a video. I put my phone on a tripod and rewatched all my new favorite pornos Andres had showed me last night. There really where about 3 that I absolutely loved.

My leg trembled when I halted my impending orgasm. I remembered “smile and gaze” and did so in front of the camera and sent it to both men. I felt great.

I had also masturbated in the clothes that had been picked out for me. That tiny thong was little but still soaked. I kind of liked it. I teased my wet aching pussy as I left the house to my car.

Paul liked me. He was very sweet though and would never try anything. Thats probably why I chose him first. It was a man who guaranteed approval and who was not likely to lose it if given an inch. He was also my first so kind of like training wheels. I have to confess I was daydreaming and hoping Andres would let me fuck other men? Could I tolerate him fucking other women?

I was early. I decided to be an over achiever and try edging with my hand. I’ve always been a wand girl but to my surprise my hand had new magic. Almost without thinking about it I was also double penetrating, training my little asshole for Daddy so he could put another man in there, oh god I was cumming. No. No. I stopped in time. I smiled and looked directly into the camera again before I sent the video.

No response. No “good girl,” it was making me sad when Paul startled me by knocking on the car window.

Paul was no looker. He was married. He was wealthy. My goal was just a simple renewal, but as I rolled my window basically panting I smiled so happily and looked him right in the eye and said “Paul so great to see you.”

I got out of my car.  “Wow Paige you look amazing? Whats come over you ?”

“I don’t know,” I giggled and put my finger on my lip.

He giggled too and followed me into the store. I took his hand, for a second I feared rejection and then remembered it was Paul. “Excuse me where are the dildos?”

Paul looked nervous, and if I read his pants right, also hard. Muhammad’s cum didn’t exactly taste good, no man’s did, but I enjoyed doing it anyways. Much to my surprise. I decided that I was definitely going to practice on Paul and then see if I could find better men.

The cashier pointed near the porn. I never let go of Paul’s hand. And sweetly he never took it away. He was very sweet.

“Oh I loved this one,” I handed him a gang bang film I had never seen. Then held in each hand two dildos. “Which one is better?”

I started sucking each of them in front of him. I always smiled and glanced right in his eyes. The look on his face was petrified. But so was the thing in his pants, petrified as in made of stone.

I put both dildos in my mouth  and mimicked taking two dicks while looking him right in the eye. “I think I will take both” I smiled as innocent as free as I had ever felt. I knew that this was Paul’s dreams of years of  a proffessional relationship coming true. There had just been way too many hints over the years.

Of course he still tried to ruin it, “What is this about ? This isn’t for a gag gift?” Oh the horror of hearing a 40 year old man’s voice crack.

“I will explain and show at the same time I said,” bouncing my tits gleefully looking into his brown eyes and crow’s feet. Looking at his fear turn to admiration.

I put my arm around him and began filming us in selfie mode. “So to answer your question Paul, my husband and I have decided to get into some kinky stuff. He does have some rules: your dick can’t go in my ass or my pussy, but guess what..” I paused and went down as far on that dildo as I possibly could. Gagging and drooling like the girls in the porno movie.

I laughed, kissed his cheek and continued. “I Paige Sepulveda hereby consent to Paul doing anything he likes to me and my body aside from his cock in my pink little asshole or pussy. I also solemnly swear under penalty of litigation I shall never attempt black mail, and keep this encounter discreet, as it is a favor to me and my husband. ”

I pouted like a little girl as I sent him the video, “Don’t you wanna do me a favor Pauly.”

I asked, I had never called him Pauly or behaved this way before. This was a new me. This was Wifey.

“Shood I get a hotel room,” answered Paul as he finally got a clue.

“If you want,” I answered girlishly.

Pauly paid for the two dildos and lube. That was a nice surprise. We met at a cheap hotel. He gave me the key and said he needed a few drinks to loosen up. He would only be 10 minutes with a bottle of something and ice.

I took off all my clothes except my thong and knelt by the door. Almost by instinct.

When he came in he had a bottle of whiskey and ice. He bent down and kissed my face. He took a drink directly from the bottle. I could see he was still nervous. I was going to have to help him.

“Here Pauly use these on me, ” I said as I crawled on all fours on an ottoman and put my face down with my ass in the air. I had seen a girl in one of the movies do it last night. “Go ahead Pauly, I want you too both holes. ”

Pauly didn’t say anything, and he looked at my face often. I was always smiling and looking right into his eyes. Always reassuring him. On a weak man like Paul it was really obvious how powerful the eye contact and smile really where. Maybe Daddy was onto something.

He got brave and started double penetrating me with toys and making me moan hard.

“Can I really fuck your mouth he hasked.” He was hard and frustrated and I had taken teh initative to jerk him off.

I answered him by lovingly kissing his dick and looking up at him smiling, “please fuck my mouth, please show me what a sexy girl I am sir.” Wifey spoke many strange things Paige would never say.

He did feed me his dick. He was fucking my face hard and holding the back of my head. He was only using one dildo now with the other hand. The one in my ass moving in perfect rhythm with his thrusts against my lips. Luckily Paul was not too big.  Much smaller than Muhammad or Andres. Kind of perfect for my first harsh face fucking.

He was quiet no longer. Grunting and announcing he was going to cum. I got excited like I was about to get a liquid compliment. And then I did.

I looked Paul right in the eye and smiled as I swallowed.

After that we hung out and I explained everything frankly. Pauly was just in our little secret circle now.  He asked if he could film me edging for Muhammad and Andres and I said yes. I really enjoyed him watching me masturbate. I always looked at him and smiled. He masturbated too while filming me. Unlike me he came again.

After a few cocktails at the hotel bar he told me, “I know it was not your intention, but there is no way you could do that for a man like me and me not double my accounts. “He signed the papers and cut the check right there. Doubling my goal.

Much to my surprise I found myself asking if I could rent porn after he left.  Paul was a gentleman and had paid for the room.  I even hiked up my skirt and fingered my pussy while asking. Discreetly, but right there on a bar stool.

“If you give me your panties,” he said. Paul was such a creepy little man. Now I liked that about him.

“Of course,” I answered handing him my soaked panties.

“I wonder if I could ever talk my wife into trying this?” he mused rhetorically. Kissed my cheek and left.

With two new dildos and free hotel porn I went eagerly in my pantiless slut uniform to edge. I would get Daddy and Muhammad to both say “good girl,” again. Mark my word.

Mark Wifey’s word.

Wifey Chapter 1 — February 20, 2019

Wifey Chapter 1

My name is Paige is this is the story about how I became Wifey.

Wifey is my internet persona famous for giving women advice on how to maintain long term relationships. The formula was discovered by my husband Dr. Andres Sepulveda a psychologist. Our methods are very unorthodox.

Once upon a time the most remarkable thing about Andres and I was that we where high school sweethearts. He was a tall handsome hispanic guy who was both in the debate team and the football team. Our biggest problem in our marriage is that I resented supporting him through college while he attained his degrees. I went right to work in advertising sales at a local radio station. I am now farther from the bottom and closer to the top. In a way I always thought it was emasculating of him. Made me too much like his mommy.

If only I’d understood how right that intuition was.

Andres would more than redeem himself.

He brought home very fancy takeout and a dozen rozes and told me he had a huge break through at work. But that it was a big conversation not just celebrating his discovery.

“I want to make some very major changes in our relationship,” he texted me. “That probably sounded strange, please don’t worry I will explain everything at dinner.”

Of course I was worried? Did he want an open relationship? Neither of us were virgins but neither of us had been with anyone else in over a decade, though we were both in our early 30s. Now he was a professor surrounded by beautiful students.  My feelings of resentment for supporting him through school welled up again.

He was lucky to have me. I wasn’t a perfect 10 but I was a good looking redhead with attractive curves. I never let myself go, as a saleswoman that affected my numbers. In all sales there is an element of seduction. Even more with a saleswoman.

“But if that son of a bitch thinks he can replace me he has another thing coming.”

I tried to relax and be unaware but I was stressed out. There was no version of  “changes in our relationship,” I could imagine. I even started to cry on the drive home.

Andres embraced me with his big strong arms. He was tall and handsome. Having lived in college for the last decade he spent a lot of time at the campus gym. Maybe thats where my competion was? He kissed me. He kissed me passionately. I don’t remember the last time he did that. This was just going to make things hurt even more.

“I have made a major and counter intuitive discovery,” he announced.

I thought we were still making small talk, “on your divorce study?” Andres had been studying the causes of failures in long term relationships. It was basically his life’s work. Until tonight it was very mundane.

“Yes I believe that what causes the hemmorraging of relationships is largely due to our modern departure from traditional gender roles.” He smiled and took a bite not realizing the controversial statement he had made. It was typical of Andres. He always spoke his mind with little regard since he had usually come by his knowledge through rigor.

“This sounds controversial?” I half smiled.

“You don’t know the half of it he said, I’m gonna need you to come down here and kneel down in front of me.” He said, definitely taking me by surprise.

Even as I said, “What?!” I did exactly what he said. When you have been partners with someone for over a decade its just a reflex.

“Good girl, ” he said for the first time ever and took my hand. He looked me directly in the eyes.

Good girl?

Yet even then I felt it. That first moment I knelt in front of him and he said it I felt the truth of everything that he said after.

“This may seem strange but I needed to prove to you that I have actually figured out some things about human nature. In psychology this will be the equivalent of a Big Bang theory. You knelt in front of me because you trust me. In spite of whatever issues we have you trust me because I have proven myself to you for over a decade and you know I will protect you.  This is an ancient instinct. So is kneeling before your male owner.”

“What? Issues? Owner? I’m confused what the hell are you talking about?” I raised my voice and furrowed my eyebrows but I still knelt.

“Male Owner, its a phrase I am playing with. Its not very PC but quite observable phylogenetically in many species and I have definitely found it in ours. It creates relationship problems the way we have relationships in the modern world baby. Humanity has forgotten an ancient wisdom and we are going to discover it together.” Andres’ tone was exhuberant.

“This sounds very Handmaids Tale…..” I interrupted.

“Oh dear, I suppose you’re right.” Andres paused and put his finger to his chin. “The difference is we can measure well being and happiness. What I am talking about will not oppress women it will make them have mental health on a level previously never imagined. Men too, men will outperform any period in history due to this relationship technique. I will prove it to you in our own relationship. ” He took that same finger and stroked my hair.

“I know we have issues,” he continued, “and I know exactly what they are. One is that you resent supporting us while I got my degrees. And the other is that you think I am addicted to porn.” He hit the nail on the head and moved his light touch to my cheek. I was angry and scared and excited. Yet his touch comforted me.

“I have earned your trust but in this technique I must earn much more. A Male Owner must provide without question and be good at it. It is his competence as an organism. I have something for you,” Andres handed me a piece of paper.

A check for 500, 000 dollars. “Andres what is this?”

“I believe this technique is revolutionary. You and I are good test subjects before we begin mentorship programs and develop products. You are a good test subject because you are basically an elder millineal feminist with a high paying job. I am a middle class intellectual who merely matches his wife’s income. As far as Male Owners go I am substandard, but I believe most men can be trained.” Andres thumb went in my mouth, it was sexy and suprising, he smiled and gazed at me “women can all be trained.”

I absolutely became wet.

“The relationship technique has many benefits besides emotional well being,” he continued. “It also makes men more conscientious and ambitious, essentially what every man needs to accomplish his dreams. It makes women, well sexy. I wish there was a word for it better than sexy. I kind of like glamourus like otherworldly. I am still working on it. Like Male Owner, I need to make this all sound less… as you say… handmaid’s tale.” He pulled my shirt down exposing my bra.

“If you follow this technique with me in one week you will make that much or more in sales. Its still your money but it proves I can sell the technique. I know why you chose me, you like my intellect and in spite of your resentment over college you believe in me.” He unclasped my bra freeing my tits which had endured well since Andres and I had no children.

“Believing in me is an important part of the technique. ” He kissed me and pinched my breast, “So is constant and frequent sexual arousal for the female,” he said suckling my breast. I could smell his cologne in his hair.

“You are only to focus on the feminine component and leave the rest to me. I am your Male Owner,” he said.

“We will definitely have to change that phrasing,” I said in between breathy moans. Basically I was two things highly skeptical. One this sounded like ordinary BDSM for me, as if Andres had read 50 Shades of Grey and felt he discovered Atlantis. Perhaps that was exactly it, but after 10 years with him seeing like him was worth it. He was seducing me. I enjoyed him telling me what to do. I would have to put a limit, teach him about safe words.

As if he was reading my exact thoughts in that moment he lifted me in his strong arms and carried me saying, “Its like you always say about diets, you can try anything for a week right?”

“Yes Dr. Male Owner,” I giggled and kissed him.

“That precise feeling you just now felt. That fun sexy freedom and protection. We will make that last non stop,” he said surprising me. Maybe he was onto something.

When we got in the room it looked like dinner and flowers where not all Andres had bought. There were also foot lockers stacked very high. The closet was open and full of clothes I did not recognize.  And on the bed were layed rope, a hitachi wand, a jeweled butt plug, lube and a collar and leash. I needed to get out of these pants before I wet them.

He lay me down gently on the bed. And stripped off my current outfit. I almost didn’t notice he was throwing it in the waste basket. Another surprise behind him in the ceiling he had installed a large mirror.  My he had been busy.

Like all women I saw my inperfections. But I saw my blessings too. My face was cute and my hair was red. Which Andres always said drove him wild. My body was vuluptuous on one hand I could say like Marilyn Monroe or Betty Page, but really I wanted to lose 20 lbs.

“Whats in the chests baby?” I asked breathy as he teased my pussy. It had a thin strip of manicured pubic hair over it. Andres had always been skillful with his hands. But this Dr. Male Owner Business was showing my body that context is powerful. I was very hot.

“I can’t explain just yet sweet baby,” he smiled lovingly, the tenor of his voice so masculine. I hadn’t thought of Andres as masculine since high school. “Look into my eyes baby and gaze at me, ” he commanded.

Of course I did. And I smiled. “Oh god yes and smile, always also smile. ” He said as he thrust his healthy cock into me. He fucked me on my back and I was looking in the mirror, I still moaned. Andres was fucking me both hard and good.

“Look at me baby,  not the mirror, I’m in charge, and don’t forget to smile” he grunted, beastially he fucked me. And I did what he told me, at least as much as I could. Getting fuck like that makes a girl close her eyes and open her mouth to moan. But I did not look at the mirror again until what came next.

Andres took me by the neck. He had never done that. Not once. It didn’t hurt. It just felt…well….like he owned me. He would make it hard to breathe just a little and then slide his thumb in my mouth. Even with the thumb in there as much as I could I looked him in the eye and smiled. He would also smile from time to time. The rest of the time he looked like a furious war god. His body in excellent shape from his gym hobby. I felt lucky to have him. I hadn’t felt that in a long time.

I started to cum, but he made it stop. He slapped my pussy firmly. I looked at him and before I could speak, “You are gonna only have to think about two things for the next week. You are gonna be sexy and you are gonna be obedient.” He touched my face and kissed me.

“Sexy and obedient. Your male owner takes care of everything else.”  He began rubbing his still very stiff cock against my opening.  “Now look at me and smile. When you do that it is both obedient and sexy.”

I was extremely excited about this dominant behavior. I had read a little bit of BDSM erotica and I felt like Andres was performing marvelously. Too bad that it was probably for a failed theory. Andres really did need to get out more. The Academy could be out of touch.

He flipped me on my belly and spanked my bottom. “Do it I said,” it was firm and I could see in the mirror above the bed it was red. Suddenly the mirror that had at first made me self conscious was now making me aroused. I looked back at him and smiled.

“Good girl,” he said to me for the second time in my life. My cunt was so eager from its first edge and it quaked at those words.

“What we just did is called edging, ” said Andres, ” and we are gonna practice it again. Remember you are obedient and sexy. Thats your only job. Everything else is up to me. Male owner remember?”

I nodded, salivating at both ends, hoping that would not be the last time Andres spanked me even though it was only the first. “Yes Daddy.” when the words came out it came as a surprise.

The smile on Andres’ face turned my anxiety away. “Yes you are right, that is much better than Male Owner.” He kissed my pussy.

Andres was also good at giving head. But tonight he did another thing he had never done before he put his tongue in my ass. At first it scared me. I tried to stop him and he pinned my hands down. “See you didn’t know I was interested in this hole down here did you.” He smiled and spoked sinisterly.  “Part of the technique is I must unleash all of my sexual perversion and depravity on you. Can you do that for Daddy?” Andres said echoing the magic word.

“Yes Daddy” I said and relaxed. He introduced a digit in there. It felt awkward but he would cure that within days.

“Now masturbate while I watch. Look at me and smile. So very important that you look at Daddy and smile,” every time he said the word Daddy in third person it put me more in his spell. Maybe he was onto something. “But for this practice of edging you can’t cum without permission, I will only give you permission every few days or so during this week. Being aroused will make you sexier. You will understand soon. Right now just be obedient and see how hard Daddy’s cock is. ”

I did. It made me look back to his face and smile.

It took me less than expected to get close to orgasm. Something about Andre’s fingering my back door at the same time.

As if that wasn’t bad enough Andres edged me two more times. Once with oral, and another with analingus and the wand. I had never used the wand but in combination with his tongue exploring my ass it was amazing and intimidating.

That’s when Daddy made his move on my fourth edge. I was definitely no longer Paige. I was feeling like Wifey for the first time. I imagine Wifey as the perfect sexual object who satisfies all her man’s desires. Its a wonderful feeling. All women desperately need it.

He took me and tied my arms and legs in such a way that I was open but could not move them.  As if I had my arms and legs halved by rope. It was not painful. Daddy had been studying. Daddy was very studious. Wifey took over even more when Andres put the dog collar on me. Then he lay me with his big strong arms against the coushins in the back of our bed and he laid next to me with the wand in hand.  And the butt plug in the other.

The butt plug was cute. It had a jewel. He warmed me up with the wand and pushed it in easily as my back door was filled with spit. My cunt was also very pleased and expressing it with fluid. I looked up in the mirror and was very turned on by the site of me in the collar and exposed like this. I could even see the plug in the mirror which turned me on even more I started clenching it inside me as the wand threatened orgasm. Then Daddy stopped and turned on the TV.

“We are gonna watch porn until we go to sleep. We are solving this problem right now and it will be a great crash course in being obedient and sexy?”

“What ?!” I said angrily as Paige took over and Wifey left.

Andres lifted my exposed ass higher and spanked it red again. “We are not discussing it for one week you will just be sexy and obey.” He was really spanking me like a father spanks a child. I was scared. Was Andres abusing me after over a decade of sweet mediocre partnership? I was confused. Then the fear turned into arousal.

At that precise moment Wifey took the wheel, “Yes Daddy,” was I sobbing from my spanking.?

My bottom was sore but that just made the next few hours more thrilling as I got an education in both pornography and my own body. Daddy taught me that porn was useful because it fostered sexual creativity but that it was impractical to imitate. Couples had to pioneer together with the man in command.

As he taught me all his fetishes and kinks and apologized for nothing I let go of the silly jealousy I had about the porn. We had passively aggressively fought about it for the whole of our relationship because it made me think he would cheat. Here he was fit, handsome, and a professor and faithful. He was right that proving himself like that did make me kneel.

Now I was learning he was very sexually imaginative, much more than I ever gave him credit for, but he was afraid to share because of how I reacted about porn. Then in a final master moved he filmed us as he fucked me in the ropes. Then he released me and fucked me doggy style with the leash. Choking me, and anytime he saw me looking he would say “smile for Daddy” and I would even as my face blushed from lack of air.

Then he sent me the video and had me edge to it in the wand. In a strange added affect of masturbating to Daddy’s video of us and the mirror above me. I still wore my leash and collar.  I felt the but plug invading me. now I thought it really looked cute. Especially as Daddy fucked me doggy style with the leash. I liked how the stem poked out of me when his dick when deep in my pussy. I did not see imperfections. Daddy was right the more turned on I was the sexier I felt. I felt exhilirated.

Daddy stopped me and bathed me. He also shaved off my strip of pubic hair. “Daddy will never hide his preferences from you again he said,” and put his finger into my mouth. As his Wifey I doutifully suckled.

The mysterious chests apparently contained all of my clothes save the outfit from today that Andres had literally thrown in the trash. I wanted to start conflict but I was very very turned on too by the idea of Daddy being so in control. It had been wise of him to edge me so much before telling me. In the closet where my clothes for the week.

Andres must have spent a fortune. Calling it clothes was a stretch. Half of it would have been illegal to wear out of the house. All of it extremely slutty.  Andres saw as Paige threatened to take the reigns and called Wifey by saying “kneel”

Freshly bathed and shaved I knelt in front of Andres my husband and master. “Do you want some of my cum?” He asked. I had noticed he had not cum. Andres was an average guy but here he had fucked me a dozen times and had foreplay all night with no orgasm for him either.

“Yes Daddy” I nodded.

“Squat with your hands behind your head and stick out your tongue,” he said and I did. Surrounded by these humiliating outfits. “Cum is good for you. It has natural anti depressents. I need to make it a staple of your diet, ” he continued and he put his hard dick on my tongue. He slapped it against my tongue and my face. It was degrading but I liked it.

Then Daddy cruelly took it away. “Squatting just like this I want you to pick an outfit you can wear to work tomorrow. No talking. You will grab it with your mouth like my pet.” If I had known Andres could be so Dominant I would have begged him for it years ago. We could have been Daddy and Wifey for years.

I did find one and did as he said. And strangely he rewarded me with a blowjob. If you had told me that by this day in my life I would start to think of sucking cock and swallowing cum as a worthy reward for debasing myself I would have laughed and kicked you in the balls. But that was before I learned what it felt like to be wifey.

I had never swallowed cum before. I needed to be sure I understood.

“Daddy this is really fun, and I want to be sexy and obedient, but did you say I need to swallow, ” I asked my thighs aching from this awkward position.

“Swallow it like a liquid compliment,” where Daddy’s exact words as he slid his healthy dick into my mouth. I did. Every drop. The taste was overshadowed by how sexy I thought it was. I even took a drop from my lip that spilled and smiled as I sucked it off my finger looking at Andres.

“That smile, ” he smiled,” I have been looking my whole life for that smile.”

He was right, from that night forward we were new people.  As we went to get a few hours of sleep Daddy told me that throughout the day while I was at work he would give me sexy tasks. He reminded me all I need to do is worry about being sexy and obedient. He put his finger in my mouth to suck.

I went to sleep more in love with my husband than the day I married him, with a belly full of his cum and suckling on his finger.

Order of Creeps: Chapter 1: Beta Orbiter — February 19, 2019

Order of Creeps: Chapter 1: Beta Orbiter

My name is Brandon and I am a beta orbiter. That is, I orbit the girl of my dreams; Sally.

I have known Sally since we were 12. Just like me she just loves video games and anime. They are huge passions for both of us. We became close friends after the 3rd year we saw each other at the local anime convention.

I have always thought Sally was beautiful. When we were 14 I asked her to be my girlfriend. She rejected me and said she wasn’t ready for dating. Within 5 months she was dating a jock from our local highschool. I was her shoulder to cry on the whole time.

They broke up 6 months later and I wated all the way until she was 17 to ask her out again. Then she finally said those words that I now know are just a cliche response, “I can’t you are like a brother to me.”

I went home and cried that night and they were not tears of joy.

I guess in some ways she was like a sister to me. We always talked on messenger. We always saw each other at anime, comic and gaming conventions. After she got 18 her cosplay got a little sexier. By the time Sally was 20 it was so sexy I got a boner that year. Right there on the convention floor. She dressed as Vampirella with her healthy young perky tits practically on public display. Every passing second I fantasized about freeing and suckling them. The fact that she never said “my eyes are up here,” to me that day is a fucking miracle.

She had a lot more boyfriends. I was always her shoulder to cry on. She cried the most when her daughter’s father left her. He was a real winner, let me tell you.

As for me, even at my own 21st birthday party I didn’t have a date. Sally was there though. She was always there for me. She was a good friend. We promised each other we would hang out more.

Sally had gotten yet another boyfriend but this one seemed different from the others. He wasn’t just her boyfriend he was her Dom. She had found him on some BDSM website, and she called him Daddy. Sally had lived a fatherless life like most of the girls they grew up with. Like me for that matter. Daddy’s name was Rafael Caballero.

Of course I stalked Rafael Caballero. I thought I would be able to prove he was secretly married. The truth is the more I learned the less I understood. Rafael is definitely rich and frequently goes to something that quite frankly seemed like a cult building in the Greenville area of Dallas. Sally and I both lived in the Plano suburb.

Sally and I were talking a lot more lately since her “Daddy,” started paying her rent. It was nice. She was able to quit her job at Baskin Robins.  I was happy for her. Glad she had found a relationship. I worked 2 jobs, one at Gamestop which I loved and another delivering pizzas which I didn’t like. Aaah the life of a gen Z gent like me. Too bad I wasn’t rich like Rafael.

One day Sally made my day by inviting me over. Well she didn’t exactly say it that way. She said she had asked her Daddy if she could have her bestie over even though he was a boy. And why would this weird fuck agree? Maybe he was trying to recruit me for his cult. Ha! Jokes on him, I already mentioned being desperately broke.

I confess  was a little worried. Sally was sounding somewhat sex trafficked to me, but what do I know I am a 21 year old virgin?

I will always love Sally. She will always be the most beautfiul girl in the world to me. No matter how much she rejects me. Much to my enticement Sally said Daddy Rafael had hired her a nanny so she could have freedom. Sally must have really liked this Nanny who was about 24, they were both constantly posting pictures together on instagram. They were both beautiful. Sally was a blonde and the Nanny, Rachel, was a ginger. They could have been thick twins as far as body types. Vuluptuous in a way that triggers instincts. In the way Frank Frazetta painted women. Big natural youthful tits. Round asses. Christ I sound like a misogynist.

When we finally hung out we had planned ahead a week in advance so what I saw was no accident.

It was insidous.

She answered the door bottomless. Her pubes shaven clean. A pearcing hung from her pussy with a little gold bell. I had heard it as she approached the door. Her firm perky tits where covered by a little T-shirt that said “Daddy’s Girl” in pink letters, but her nipples and bralessness were apparent. I was startled. Her provocative display topped off with pigtails and a pacifier in her mouth. I also felt a pang of what I can only describe as an invasion of the surreal.

This strange supernatural feeling cannot overstated.

She pulled the pacifier out and hugged me. My cock instantly stood at attention feeling the contours of her exposed body against me.

“Come inside silly don’t just stand there.” She chuckled like nothing was unusual at all.

It is a good thing Sally pulled me into the apartment because I was too stunned to do anything else. I was afraid. I was turned on. I was petrefied.

“See Brandon thats why you could never be my boyfriend, ” Sally giggled, “you are scared of cunt.” She laughed and wiggled making the bell on the piercing jingle. “I even almost think of you as one of my gay friends. But I’m not as close to them as any of you.”

Just like a gay friend. Music to a man’s ears. A suicide song.

Sally had a gift for brutal honesty. A lot of girls had compared me to their “gay friends” in my lifetime. Just a normal day on planet friend zone.

I still can’t believe I didn’t have the courage to call Sally out on her nudity. I am a troll for christ’s sake. I call people out for fun. I felt drunk. As a virgin I didn’t realize how abnormal it all was. I didn’t realize I was just a pawn.

“Come on, lets play video games,” Sally led me with her bare thick suppulent ass to her 60 inch TV, matching and high quality furniture and even sushi and a vegetable tray for us to snack on.

The ringing of the bell echoing the ringing of reality as I could barely walk. Sally had not given me anything yet so I know I wasn’t drugged. But I did ask myself if I had been drugged.

Sally lay on her belly as she played giving me an unending view of her exposed bottom.We played video games for a good 30 minutes in silence, smoking weed which was generously provided.

Finally I got my bearings and spit it out, “Why are you naked?”

“I thought you liked me,” said Sally, “you’ve asked me out twice now…” she turned faced me and spread her legs wide. The look on her face seductive and playful and her goddamn bell was once again tormenting me. The wetness beneath was also apparent like dew on a flower.

“You said you had a boyfriend,” I looked Sally right in the eye, “a Daddy!” My voice cracked.

Sally crawled right towards me, like a predator. Every motion of her body subtly inviting penetration. I felt intoxicated way beyond the weed. Her face less than six inches from mine. I could not control my eyes as they darted down and I could see her bare breasts inside her t-shirt.

“I do have a Daddy, and he knows you are here Brandon, he wanted you to see me like this, it turns him on,” she whispered in my ear and I felt electricity on my body, “he wants me to be a little slut and for you to see it.”

Sally took the controller out of my hand and laid it beside me while she lay on her belly in between my legs, “See, I can tell you still like me,” she said while looking right at the hard on in my legs. She wiggled from side to side like a snake charmer.

I may be a nerd who can’t get a girlfriend, I may be overweight, and not very tall, but I have a big dick and Sally said so as well.

“So he’s a cuck?” I asked feeling for a moment like Pepe the frog.

“Not exactly, its more like he teaches sexual exploration?” Sally responded.

“Oh Sally you are in a fucking cult,” I protested and surrendered all at once, “this fucking Daddy Rafael has you in some cool-aid drinking cult. Dallas has always been full of them.”  My cock throbbed. My cock was taking over me.

I had been turned on obviously and I masturbated to porn at least once a day. This was different and incredibly intense. I don’t think its supposed to be this intense.  Sally giggled and twerked and clapped her ass looking me right in the eye. She pulled her shirt up and started pinching her own nipple as she kissed my dick through my trousers. Just little pecks, and she looked me right in the eyes in between kisses. That eye contact combined with her nakedness made my seed boil beneath my shaft. I felt like a volcano.

She pulled it out and kept kissing it, and licking it. Sally was worshipping my dick. Before I could even process what was happening to me it erupted right on Sally’s face. She smiled like it was fire works and then quickly put her lips to the head of my dick and suckled. She swallowed every drop of my cum that was not on her face.  Then she grabbed her phone from the counter and took a selfie with my dick in her mouth.

I crawled away against the couch,  “Sally did you just rape me ?” my voice cracked again. Goddamnit I was 21 my voice was not supposed to still be cracking.

“What?!” she laughed, “your dick was hard, you have been asking me out since we were kids. I just swallowed your cum,” my cum was still on her face and my aching dick was coming back to life at the sound of her bell. “Maybe, I guess. Do you want to call the police?” She sounded far more amused than worried. “Rape you? You are so funny Brandon.”

I definitely did not want to call the police. I wanted to fuck Sally. I was hoping now that she had already milked me I could actually last. I also wanted her to be mine not this Rafael Caballero’s,  this Daddy motherfucker. I may be a nerd but I want someone to be with me and love me. I don’t want cheap meaningless sex.

“What about Rafael, ?! What about Daddy ?!”  My voice raised in anger.

Sally pouted and looked nervous. She looked confused and helpless. For once she was being rejected by me.

“Look I’m sorry this is just overwhelming, I have real feelings for you. Of course I’m not going to call the police. Just explain whats going on?” I took her hand in mine and as she grasped it back I felt a strange surge. This time not overwhelming. This time it was comming from me and having an effect on Sally. I don’t mean this figuratively. There was something very strange, almost supernatural at play.

The only words that would do it justice is to say I felt like a god. 

Sally looked me in the eye our hands still holding. I felt her, I felt her in a way that defies time and space. “It’s ok Brandon, just let go. I want you to do whatever you want to me. I like it. Do lots of it. Is there anything special that you are into? Obviously I am into the whole Daddy thing. Cliche I know but it makes me wet.” She gently nibbled my earlobe, ” I am wet right now. ”

I had observed that already.

My cock had since recovered and was all but speaking my answer for me. Besides there were too many strange factors at work. The energy of the room. Which felt psychadelic, or at least I presume I had never done drugs. Particularly from Sally. She was radiating something that was making me sexually intoxicated. Sally’s words indicated that this was still going to be somehow special for her. That was enough to satisfy my cognitive dissonance that she still belonged to another man.

“Just cuckmaxx bro,” I prayed to myself.

“Ok….” I sad nervously. I reached to my face and tried to wipe off my disorientation with clammy palms.

“Come here to me,” Sally said as she crawled up on the couch. She planted the side of her face against a cushion and looked back at me. Her ass was high up and though she had a big bottom the way she was on all fours put her holes on display.  “Come here and play a game with me Brandon,” she smiled and winked, “see how many ways you can make my bell ring” She wiggled her bottom ringing her piercing.

“There is something special I am into,” my fucking voice cracked.  “Its probably easier to just show you.” I took her controller again, “stay exactly how you are,” and she looked at me both defiant and curious. I would learn this was the look of a brat. That feeling creeped up again. My cock throbbed. I felt like my whole life was ahead of me and I was a hero, not a hero a god. 

I put the console on and began to give her what could almost be described as a librarian’s tour of femdom anal pornography. I loved seeing one woman over power another and do perverse anal play.

“Look Brandon you are making my bell ring,” said Sally still ass up face up next to me playing with her pussy. Indeed the bell was ringing. “Brandon Sir, I would very much like permission to cum, but my Daddy says I can only cum with a man’s permission.”

“Uh yeah sure,” I said pathetically passive.

Sally took her index finger still wet from her cunt and turned me towards her by my chin. Her eyes locked on mine. I felt so in love. I prayed for Rafael’s death  but thanked him all at once. “Try saying no.”

As one of my favorite pornos played and my dream girl masturbated in front of me she faced me again. I could see her body approaching some kind of climax. The eye contact was at once superior to all the falseness of pornography. “Give me your hand I said,” my voice not particularly strong.

Sally gave me her hand.

I felt so much like a fucking god again. I was god. I was the creator and destroyer. I felt it in my cells. 

“Put this fucking hand in your mouth slut,” I spoke like the Dominatrixes in the movies. It felt so natural. I had never been so free. I had never been a god before. 

Sally obeyed. She started sucking on her fingers and my hand went directly underneath her. “Guess I’m not scared of cunt anymore.” My body was full of lightning. 

Sally’s eyes looked scared and excited but her beautiful bald inny pussy told me so much more than her face. I forced her hand deeper into her mouth. “I don’t need answers from this cum eating slut mouth, I will get answers from where you really tell the truth.”

I slid two fingers inside of her and began to explore. No woman had ever let me touch her before. Slowly I moved in and out of her while massaging her clit and ringing the bell of her piercing. I was inspecting her cunt like an explorer in a new land.

“Take your hand out of your mouth and put a finger inside your ass.” I commanded. I spoke into existence. 

“You know how much I like ass now.  What was it you said I can do whatever I want to you?” I said in a voice that was so unlike me. My posture was like a cobra upon a mongoose. Sally’s pussy drooled as eagerly as her mouth. I was in heaven.  “I want to feel your finger from the inside.” I put my face close to her and kissed her. My first kiss. And with a girl I had been in love with my whole life.

Sally dutifully obliged. She even slid two fingers in. “I like ass too sir. I like it a lot. Daddy has tought me that everything goes in my ass.” Her voice felt like waves of the universe in my genome.

The door opened with my fingers inside her. There stood fucking Rafael of course. And Rachel. I was furious.

But I am a fucking god. 

I raised my hand and with some telekenetic force lifted my rival into the air and put him against the wall. I was not prepared. I panicked and lost my boner.

He laughed and with his annoying Argentinian accent he says, “I thought you might have it in you. ” I was furious but I was in the fucking twilight zone. My feeling like I was god was gone.

Rafael however seemed to have no lack of it. I could feel the energy move in the room. Something strange and non-eucledian.

Rafael was tall. At least 6 inches taller than my average height. He had a beard and a ponytail. He wore a suit. He was a cult leader. His face was cracked with age. He was definitely old enough to be Sally’s “Daddy.” Soon I would learn that Rafael was hundreds of years old and knew the founder of our Order personally. That lesson would come after the first lesson.

That lesson was that Rafael was a master of the Dominus. The godlike feeling inside me. The sex magick of the order. The Ordine De Brividi, loosely translated as the Order of Creeps. The cult I was being recruited into by the love of my life.

When the Dominus is used against you as a weapon it is the most terrifying force you can imagine. Usually a magus uses suggestion and subtle tactics. But one as powerful as Rafael can take your neurons from you. I fell to the ground I could barely breathe. I could also not blink as he commanded the love of my life to crawl to him, discarding her shirt rendering her fully naked. I could feel the glamour coming from her and feeding his power. Though I did not yet understand that this is what I felt.

My dominus had awakaned. My senses would never work like a normal human again. I wasn’t human anymore. I was a magus.

Albeit a totally powerless one under Rafael’s supernatural thumb, “You may yet be a young lion but I am the leader of this pride.” Rafael gloated as Rachel stripped naked with her eyes on his and her cunt glistening with hunger for my paralized eyes to measure my defeat.

Sally in front with Rachel behind made a human centipede of analingus as Rafael put his feet on their naked backs like a foot stool. I wept. My heart broke with jealousy. Rafael laughed and his dominus amplified feeding on the submissive glamour of Rachel and Sally.

“Aaaaah you feel it,” Rafael lectured and allowed me control of my body again. “Thats the glamour. The sexual force in women. It is magick too like the power you dared use against me. We cannot have ours without theirs. It is a yin yang of sorts. You will sit and listen and if you choose to put all this behind you that will be your right. Your little childhood sweetheart has awakaned you, you now have rights you can barely comprehend. You are a larvae.”

I sat down.

“You fit a profile. I don’t particularly like you. That’s not how we choose people. I know you have seen the building. I know you think I am a cult leader. I am not even human, and from now on neither are you. ” He went on to explain the Ordini De Brividi. He explained we were founded by Giacomo Casanova who was not attractive but as an alchemist he discovered the glamour and how to harvest it. He discovered how to awaken his Dominus.

The method is essentially this, you enter a kind of fantasy borderline with women. Fernando says its literally a bordern between the void and the universe. There are others in the Order who say this is an outdated theory. Men are more perverse than women but ultimately we do everything for their approval, for sexual access. If certain humans who “fit the profile” do this they can awaken and harvest a woman’s glamour. Fernando says this is no less than raw chaos, the “birthing fluid if universes” he called it. The women were also transformed and could do some minor magicks but a female magus had not been found yet.

“But there is a prophecy….” Fernado wavered. “There will be plenty of time for that. Your Dominus is awakaned. Go take another woman. Play with the power. You know where to find me. Or don’t. We have yet to identify a young magus who does not submit to the great Ordini De Brividi. ”

“I don’t want another woman,” I say and look Sally right in the eye. “I am a virgin. I want Sally. What is she to you a battery?” I had never been so assertive. Sally started to pant heavily as Rachel licked her anus.

I stood up, even knowing that I was indeed a larvae and no match for Rafael “I want her to be mine. I want to fuck her and her only. I want to discover my Dominus with her and only her glamour!” My voice was as stern as when I commanded Sally. I could feel Sally’s Glamour charging me.

“Don’t be a fool,” said the ancient wizard, ” you are Brividi, you must acquire a harem if you are even to begin your studies much less advance our research into the language of the gods.”

“Language of the gods? ” I asked stupidly.

“Sex” Rafael chuckled. “Its where magick comes from.  And to answer your question Rachel is not a battery she is like a daughter to me.” When Rafael said “daughter” Sally’s glamour switched from mine to Rafael’s. Rachel fed only Rafael.

Sally started to moan more and Rachel’s gazed quitely scanned from above her bare bottom. You could tell she was licking faster harder. Fucking Sally’s ass with her tongue. Sally began to have an orgasm. It was loud. Both Rafael and I felt godcharged by her glamour, full of that precious Dominus lightning.

“I’m so sorry Daddy,” Sally confessed in a childlike voice,” I didn’t think I could cum from nanny’s tounge in my butthole. I know I was a bad girl. I know what I deserve” Sally’s masochistic begging was obvious and hot.

Rafael stroked her hair and kissed her lips. She was still on all fours with Rachel spreading her cheeks and kissing and biting her thick ass.

Rafael looked directly at me. “Tell you what, I will leave and lose your virginity to them both. Lesson one make the arc with two women. Your Dominus will be strong for weeks after your first time. ”

He slapped both girls on their bare asses. “You know where to find me if you want to be a real wizard. ”

Then he left me and the two girls alone. One I was in love with. The other I was in lust with.



Replace My Words With Muscle — February 15, 2019

Replace My Words With Muscle

I used to be a man of many words,

I still command them well,

I replaced my words with muscle,

So I can be a lord of hell.

My throne is in the city of Pandemonium,

My inner peace is furian,

Amor est bellum.

Talk was once smooth and then decayed to madness,

In time I learned the medicine of sadness.

Umbroken my synapses rustle,

I will remake my words as muscle.

Perfected in the arts of war and hustle.

Be a Man, Be a fucking Man! — January 25, 2019

Be a Man, Be a fucking Man!

*Caveat: Ladies please bare with me and don’t presume any kind of mysoginy from this post. I in no way consider women less than men and am a devoted follower of Camille Paglia when it comes to feminism. I do however believe men and women are different and that males in modernity and the women who love them are starving for them to incarnate masculinity.

In the last month or so the APA changed its guidelines to pathologize traditional masculinity.

In contrast to the APA I believe you could do a psychology experiment with conditions on various tasks that measure performance, physical, cognitive, and social. All male subjects. You have 3 conditions. One a generic pep talk. One the subject is told “be a man.” Third condition the participant is told “be a fucking man!” The 2nd group would outperform the first and the third would outperform them all. Sadly I am in no position to conduct this experiment.

Being a man is about accepting responsibility and cultivating inner strength and being useful. Wanna see what guys are like without that and you will find the examples of failure who are a burden to all they encounter.

I don’t even think that this needs to be spelled out. Not if you have ever had someone you care about tell you to “be a man” or to “man up.” You felt it like lightning in your body. You felt the need to fix problems, to take responsibility for not only yourself but everything you care about, you went from defeated to proactive. Thats what it means to be a man.

I used to not think this way. It was women who made me see the light. It was women who complained something was missing about me. It was women who said dating me was like being in a lesbian couple. The first few relationships this came up I just ignored it as a weak insult. By the fourth relationship this came up in I realized I did in fact have a problem. My hypothesis then: I am failing in my role as a man and women will always find me lacking over it.

Now this could have something to do with my taste in women. I don’t date passive women. I date women who usually have pretty hardcore pasts and can easily be described by the “bad bitch” label found in popular hip hop songs. I believe the women I dated and the one I am with now were high quality, good looking women who had (and have competitors) chomping at the bit to replace me. Not meaning to denegrate anyone, I think women who don’t attract a lot of male competition are less likely to express these sentiments. They are less likely to demand masculinity in their partners. They are happy to have whatever beta they could get.

If it sounds a little like I am narrating a nature documentary you have the right vibe. We are primates, we are literally a species of great ape. We are a vicious apex predator in which the females chose the mates and the males compete for females. That is the song of our genome, even though the modern zeitgeist would have us believe otherwise.

In our history 50% of males failed to mate. This is an interesting fact to me. I speculate that some percentage, probably around 25% are naturally masculine guys. They are strong, assertive, conscientious, and even if they are not the best looking they attract women like honey does flies. Women find physical attractiveness secondary to other traits. Men are the inverse. These naturally masculine men are rare, and they have an edge in all aspects of life. These men are genetically superior. I am not one of them.

This lack of natural maleness in men is why I believe nearly all cultures had masculine rites of passage. Our current culture being a notable and worrisome exception. Most men have to learn how to be a man. Our culture says gender is arbitrary.

Once I got into this masculinity stuff I quickly realized it was intrinsically valuable. It was important to me whether or not it would help me out with women, which it has. More importantly when I measure myself as a man it is according to how much responsibility I take, how conscientious I am, and how much self discipline. I have all of those qualities increase if you take it upon yourself to be a man. Again I don’t think that needs to be spelled out. If someone you trusts tells you to “be a man” those qualities burn inside you.

When I say being a man is about taking responsibility its not just responsibility for yourself. Its responsibility for everyone that you have led to believe they can rely on you. Starting with your family, all the way to your city, nation and world if you are man enough. The masculine perspective on a lifetime is that this is your chance to contribute. You are motivated by a sense of duty to do something that betters the lives of those around you. You are motivated to provide. You are motivated to see results.

A man with no sense of his own masculinity is lost. He is a burden. He is the couch surfer expecting everyone to be a parent to him. He is the deadbeat dad who sows fatherless children. If he is not a dead beat he is annoying and leaves the women that try to love him feeling conned and drained. He is the man who is petulent rather than assertive. He is a complainer rather than a leader. Many of you read this and will dismiss it outright. After all I am not only asserting the existence of gender, but that masculinity is itself a virtue. But those who are not too blinded by dogma will know the truth of my words and my examples.

With that being said. If it be your will, Be a fucking man!

Tales from the Abremelin Working: Keto and (practically) quitting weed — January 23, 2019

Tales from the Abremelin Working: Keto and (practically) quitting weed

If you follow this blog and read it routinely you know that I have been sayng for a long time that I need to quit smoking, or more accurately quit smoking all day every day 7 days a week.

I am now in day 2 without smoking. I am disoriented. I am glad I don’t have the money to get some more. My plan is simple I can smoke socially. Don’t use that as an excuse to go hang out with friends who will smoke you out. If anything I have a strong sense that its time to be antisocial. The last time I made the decision to be antisocial I got a degree.

For you new to my blog and wondering why I am talking something so mundane as quitting weed, well my philosophy is to apply the Great Work (aka Magick) practically. I have an altar to Mammon in my studio. I do a lot of diviniation. I do zen meditation. I do sigil magick periodically. So there, that should be enough cliche occult practices to help you keep reading.

My real magick though happens from art and physical exercise and dieting. Dieting sounds really mundane. Unless one calls it fasting, then it sounds like something a wizard would do. I am on a keto diet and the efftects are definitely in line with my Abremelin working. And if you so care you can read about my Mammon working where I have offered to trade Mammon 50 lbs of my fat for wealth. I would say Mammon has accepted but I have not lost the weight. I am finally on my way.

I need by brain to snap back after being deprived of cannabis. I have not had sustained sobriety for at least a year, probably a lot longer. I smoke all the time. When I am at work I usually smoke on my breaks. I smoke first thing in the morning and I smoke until I pass out at night.

I am not hating on cannabis. I love cannabis. To me cannabis is often a panacea and it will always be a sacrament. I don’t really drink alcohol and here lately I do no other drugs. Fucking cannabis. She is my love and also my weakness.

I’ve been recording podcasts. You should check them out. They are on this blog. The previous post to this one is one of my podcasts. They have similar subject matter to the blog. The whole thing is continuous.

You see for most occultists an Abremelin Working is about knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, and mine is too, but so much more. I learned to talk to spirits in my head from Charismatic Christians so I have been talking to my HGA since I decided I was on this path. But my HGA changes forms and increases revelation. For me my Abremelin working is about liberation. And the only kind of liberation a hardcore naturalist like me believes in: the accomplishment of one’s true will.


Wolf Dendron Podcast — January 21, 2019

Wolf Dendron Podcast

This episode is an explanation of my spiritual path. Once could describe me as a spiritual atheist. Apotheosis means becoming a god. I take my inspiration for Apotheosis from Nieztsche, Crowley, LaVey, and other thinkers. I believe all humans have a duty to attain Apotheosis.

Spanking to Tears — January 15, 2019

Spanking to Tears


Audio of this story

“But Daddy I don’t understand why you need me to cry?” She sat on his lap before allowing him to bend her over it.

“It has to be real that way baby. I have to know I caused you real pain, and no faking I will be able to tell. I will check your face for tears,” Daddy said.

Baby was confused she thought spanking was hot but did not understand why Daddy wanted her to cry to so bad. It was strange and humiliating. What kind of a man could love her and want to see her cry? But there was no denying one part of her was definitely crying, her naughty little weeping cunt.

She was dressed for the occassion in a little girl sailor outfit Daddy had picked out for her online. Her ass generously exposed in the ridiculous skirt. She looked hot. She liked what it did to her body and how it should off her very round ass. Sometimes Baby was self conscious about her weight but Daddy made it clear she was thick, not fat and forbidden to lose any of her delicious shape.

Baby also had pigtails. Pigtails had become the thing that initiates the scene. If Baby didn’t wanna be Baby and wanted to stay the 20something bad bitch she normally was, Daddy would be denied pigtails.

But if Daddy was not resisted when put he the pigtails on Baby she wasritually transformed into his little girl wanting nothing more than to suckle naked at his cock and obey him. No greater thrill or satisfaction existed for either of them. When Baby had her pigtails on they were in heaven.

There was sometimes a blurring of that line. Things from the real world came here. Daddy had made 2 rules. High protocol he calls it, but he says this is just a start.

Rule 1, no smoking. Baby had wanted to quit. In this day and age its just not a good reason to die of cancer.

Rule 2, no cussing. Daddy and Baby both cussed often until this strange rule came out. Daddy stopped cussing. There was no motive for this rule other than arbitrary reason to punish Baby. Baby and Daddy loved each other. If Daddy was really mad about something they would talk about it like adults. But Baby loved it when Daddy became evil and powerful and punished her. He also loved what her red bottom did to him. It made him more of a man he would tell her. So Daddy thought of protocols that would justify sweet punishment.

Baby lit the cigarette 30 minutes before she now surrendered her bottom. She did it on purpose. This was her one chance to be a brat and it was making her wet. The look on Daddy’s face of cruelty and anticipation as she defiantly smoked her cigarette in front of him shot through her body. She wanted to defy him. She wanted to be taken by force.

She knew it was headed to serious punishment. That was why she had done it so defiantly. Maybe she wanted tears as badly as he did.

The time had come. Daddy wanted her completely naked for her spanking and thats how she lay over his lap. Daddy did not start hard on her. He rubbed her and combined pleasure with pain. Even teasing her weeping pussy. But there was pain, small sensual pain.

Within 2 minutes he is hitting hard. Her ass exposed and teased begging for cock with the strong sting. The snap of his hand cracking against her. Baby has a high pain tolerance which kind of scared her.

Daddy continued.

It hurt like hell. But baby wouldn’t surrender easily. How dare a man think he can just have her naked over his lap like a child. How dare a man think he can make her wet and cry at the same time. But thank god he dared. Baby was so turned on.

Daddy spread her cheeks and probed her cunt and her ass. He tells her that her wet eager holes won’t distract him. Not until he gets his tears.

In Daddy’s mind this night she would really be his Babygirl. This game of kinky pretend would have a new domain of truth. This warmed his heart and was something he needed. He was determined and would persevere to any self doubt. He was Daddy damnit and sometimes Daddies have to be mean.

He had Baby stand in the corner naked. Her ass red. Baby was humiliated and dripping.

Daddy photographs her, naked, curvy, facing the corner with a red ass like a child. Daddy always said what turned him most about this kink was the humiliation.

Daddy comes around and shows Baby so she can see. She is humiliated but nowhere near tears. Her cheeks on her face blushed a red to match her bottom and this drove Daddy wild like a moon does a wolf.

Daddy found his belt, and a brush. He took her by the pig tails into the backyard.

This time Baby had to bend over with her hands against the fence. They lived in a quiet neighborhood and truly ran no risk. but the thrill of being outside was as real as if there was a crowd gathered around her. Her humiliation was at a new level. Daddy had never been quite this rough before. Baby was even a little scared.

This time he whipped his cock out. He rubbed it against her ass and her cunt and spoke in tone she had never heard before. “This little cunt fuck doll is full of tears and I will force them out of you.”

Daddy had never called her a cunt before. It scared her. It also turned her on.

Daddy rammed his cock in her. In a mean way. In a rape way. And slapped her ass hard with the brush. Baby’s ass was already really sore from many stubburn bare handed spanks. She was now drunk with pain and penetrated against her will.

Thunder struck and it began to rain. “God is on my side,” said Daddy in his scary cruel voice.

He pushed her face into the ground. Manicured grass and and dirt quickly became mud against her. “Daddy!” she shouted, real fear in her voice.

Daddy’s cock throbbed inside of her and both of them were wild and out of themselves with blurring lines of reality.

“Shut the fuck up you little stupid baby cunt unless you are wailing and crying!” Daddy put his foot on her face and pushed her into the mud. His dick slid into her unprepared anus and he struck hard over and over again. The pain indeed did become unbearable.

There was the pain inside her as Daddy raped her ass. He had permission, but the force, brutality and anger behind it was rape. There was pain on her flesh as Daddy had made her so sensitive and sore on her soon to be bruised bottom. But Daddy’s cruelty hurt worse of all. But in the fear that he didn’t love her she also understood this was a game, a game that was good for them, that they both loved and that he was protecting her. Daddy made a world where this was possible as an adventure.

As the tears welled up in her eyes it was brought on as much by the terror Daddy didn’t love her and the flooding realization that he loved more than any other man could know how. The physical pain was secondary.

Daddy could not see the first tears, though he studied Baby’s face as he violated her. The rain baptized them both. It was his ears that revealed her tears. Daddy slowed his cock inside her. His motion went from brutal to sensual. Baby liked having her ass fucked and Daddy started to fuck her that way.

“Good girl” he said his voice still have demonic but returning to the nurturing loving tenor she was accostumed to.

Baby was too emotional. She was ugly crying now. Daddy did not stop fucking her forbidden hole and was gently rubbing the cool rain water on her tortured ass. Daddy felt levels of dominance he had never known before and was simultanously overwhelmed for his love for Baby. She was his true princess. She was his everything.

“Kiss my foot,” he commanded.

Daddy had never had a foot fetish. It even seemed strange to him a little to push the humiliation this much further. Here he was outside in the dark and rain drilling her ass and making her cry. It came out of him. Part of him felt like a King and if she kissed his foot right now together they would make a kingdom.

Baby felt it too and kissed his foot with joy and devotion. She kissed it a long time until her crying calmed. It soothed her to worship Daddy this way.

He came inside her. She could feel the hot jet of his semen fill her forbidden canal. It made her smile. This was the most wonderful, intense, sexual experience she had. Maybe the most wonderful experience of any kind. She felt so in love with her Daddy.

He pulled out and lifted her naked, wet, and dirty off the ground. He carried her like a new bride as he dripped out of her body. The whole thing was perverse yet incredibly pure.

Daddy bathed her, kissed her, and adored her like a princess for over an hour. This led to cuddling and lead to lovemaking as full of light as the spanking to tears had been full of darkness. Daddy came inside her again.

Episode 2 of the Wolf Dendron Podcast: Sexual Subcultures — January 14, 2019
Wolf Dendron Podcast Resurrection — January 13, 2019