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Me vs the Power Company  — August 3, 2017

Me vs the Power Company 

My title is deceptive, because I haven’t done shit. 

Our local electric company is called LP&L, Lubbock Power and Light. I want to pick a fight with them. They doubled my electric bill this summer and I have heard many of my fellow citizens cry injustice. A doubling of my electric bill is no small blow. I support a family of four with a great salary; as long as nothing ever goes wrong. 

There is a simple answer to what these sons of bitches are doing. Someone must do a simple story and compare to the neighboring electric coops. These people in the country (mind you Lubbock is pretty country if you are from civilization), these people brag about how much less they pay. We need to itemize bills and compare. Do they really pay less? 

If not I will say fuck it. Weep like when gas was almost $4/gallon. I will accept that energy is expensive and part of my basic cost is just getting ass fucked. But if our electric company, which is publically owned is charging me more than the bumkins in the surrounding wasteland I will be outraged. Outraged I tell you! 

This is the tragedy. In a perfect world I would get like a sample of 30 LP&L bills and 30 Coop bills and compare them, itemize them, and see if there was a signifcant difference. This would be step one. If only there were like a thing that paid people to investiagate information relevant to everyone’s lives (like our local newspaper the Lubbock Avelanche Journal). 

I guess unless I do it I better grease up for another month. Do I have 60 volunteers?

All I care about is Power  — August 1, 2017

All I care about is Power 

I have examined my heart and soul and found the title of this blog to be basically true. Shameful isn’t it. Like a brief intro to one of the myriad comic book villains I love. All he cared about is power. 

Its true. 

Power. Even those 5 letters before me inspire awe. 

For me power is thinking of Shiva when I see that wild places persist in spite of humanity’s vanity of just treating earth like some divinely distributed produce. I feel power when my sweetheart overwhelms my neurons when I feel grateful for her lovely existence in my life. Power is any experience that inspires and gives awe. Awe is the first element of power. 

From this standard of awe I begin my worship of power. 

Next power is autonomy. The right and need to rule oneself. I consider most musings about freedom to be childish in a deterministic universe. But I do think the concept of autonomy is a satisfactory replacement. Freedom is passive, its the fear of the breaks on your desires. Autonomy is full of breaks and pistons and lightning. I dont just want to not be governed like some toddler. I want to govern my domain and expand like a king. This is the power that is lacking when others complain of privilege. This is the power all humans desperately need. 

Finally power is actualization. There is a song inside each of us begging to be sung. Its a holy song with your holy guardian angel its choir. It is unique to you, built to match the nucleotide keyholes in your flesh. It is nurture and nature and how it has sharpened your each jagged edge, now serrated like a fucking saw. Actualization is doing what you were born to do. I think it is useful to imagine fate as something that must be of our own making but no less initiatory. You have to figure out what you are good at and what you love and where those two overlap. For me its drawing which is my atom bomb if I build it right. 

I believe in apotheosis. It is what I preach. I am tired of living among mere mortals. I want to live in a world of little gods. Humans could be heroic like that. Each and everyone of us. 

Power is demonized. Good thing I am a demon worshipper. It certainly has its problems but hopefully I have infested you with some of its virtues. 

Abremelin Working — July 29, 2017
My Relationship With Cannabis- A Work in Progress  — July 23, 2017

My Relationship With Cannabis- A Work in Progress 

Let me start with a disclaimer. You may be expecting a disclaimer about how I don’t edorse cannabis or how drugs are bad etc. etc. etc. I have quite the opposite for you, Marijuana has no known lethal does to science making it safer than even apsirin or caffeine. Cannabis is immesurably safe compared to alcohol which is legal and has been an integral part of our culture for thousands of years. Hell cannabis is safer than Coca Cola. The impairments that being intoxicated on cannabis cause (unless you go overboard with edibles) are pretty managaeble for most people. For a heavy lifelong smoker like myself the impairments caused by smoking cannabis are basically undetectable by others. In fact I am smoking it right now as I write this. 

I am not surprised that Cannabis is a popular psychiatric drug in states where its legal. In my teens I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In my early 20s I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. In my mid twenties I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Now if I you read my last post you know I have some quarrel with the disease model of clinical psychology stating a need for a model of health, but I don’t think its all total bullshit. Sometimes its hard to ride around in my mind. My closet Buddhism teaches me that its hard to ride around in most people’s minds.  Cannabis levels me out, makes my mood generally good and I don’t fall into panic and anxiety over small things as easily as I otherwise might. 

For some, especially those who prefer sobriety, this may seem as a typical self- medicating drug addict who can’t cope with the every day problems of life. Fair enough. I have some interesting ideas on addiction. If you define addiction as most neuroscientist do by the dopamine reward system its pretty ubiquitous. Plenty of things we do every day from watching tv, to fapping, to eating, all trigger this system. Basically I think everyone is addicted to tons of mundane stuff, most of it harmless and in the case of people addicted to things like exercise its actually beneficial. Typically when thinking of drug addiction we think of junkies or alcoholics impaired from basic function to make it through a day in ordinary life. For most long term smokers this is just not the case we can do almost everything we do sober with little detectable difference. Pot just doesn’t knock us on our ass like that, at least not without big expensive doses like shatter or edibles. 

This high functionality of my day to day medicinal use is exactly one of the problems. I like to get stoned. I smoked pot for the first time when I was 12 years old and remember being lost in thought and peripharilly studying a ceiling fan in motion for 30 minutes. I want my mind to feel the magick of the plant as I allow stoner metal to excite me emotionally. I want to experience cannabis like a photosynthetic sacrament making me one with nature. I want to get stoned when I smoke weed and unless I am going to dramatically increase my income any time soon that means I am going to have to cut down. 

I have grown to think of this internal tug-of-war between being a chronic smoker to being an occasional smoker for many years. My default mode is definitely being a chronic smoker. I call the chronic smoking medicinal and the occasional I call recreational. Herb makes me more creative too for my writing and drawing. This is definitely at its strongest when I am stoned. When I have gone long enough between smoking sessions to actually get truly stoned. Its exhilirating and very pleasurable. Paradoxically to really get high I have to cut back. 

Thats not my only reason for wanting to cut back. I dust my shoulders off and smile like a tv preacher when I brag about how high functioning I am with my heavy smoking. Well I am more high functioning without it. It took me a long time to admit this. I can do so much when I smoke and somethings like socializing and art are improved that it took me almost a life time to see the problem. While I think the long term memory side effects are highly exagerrated your attention is definitely affected and it does make me absent minded. I don’t really hustle when I have been smoking. I am like the tortoise in Aesop’s fable with unerring faith in the slow and steady. This is America goddamnit, the race definitely goes to the hungry ambitious Hare. I am ambitious but I think its behind a THC dam in my neurons half the time. I need to let that side out so I can get the fuck somewhere in this rat race.  I need to cut back.

I believe I use marijuana as a crutch so that I don’t have to meditate. Meditation is difficult. It will help you have less anxiety but itself its not a stress free act. The approach I follow is called mindfulness, the primary object of meditation is the breath. The method is to mentally concentrate on your breath and to ignore everything else. To ignore the car in the mechanic, to ignore the impending onslought of school supply costs, to ignore the argument you had with your sweetheart within the hour. You always fail unless you have attained something close to Buddhahood but it is in this very effort that you are reshaped. Your better angels take over, you are measured, kindness becomes more of a default. I believe meditation is a scientifically proven practice that will provide an untold large portion of what you need to actualize if you have a standard practice. The standard practice, what you really need to do according to all experts, is 30 – 60 minutes a day. Instead of meditating I smoke pot. Sometimes I smoke pot and meditate which is delighful and one of the behaviors that force me to be closeted and not an out Buddhist. Buddhist takes oaths against intoxicants. If I meditated stoned 30-60 minutes daily that would be a vast improvement on what I do. I know on some level that my medicinal use of cannabis lifts the urgency I feel to learn to master my own mind. I know it makes me lazier about meditating because its kind of a cheap substitute. 

I love cannabis. I like to imagine it as a religious gift from the gods for the betterment of man. But as with so many things it has an optimal gradient. I won’t lie. I basically lead my life these days according to my defaults and indulge as heavily as I like in most things. Except with pot and food I am a natural born moderate user. I turn 38 in about a month, I figure its a good age to learn some maturity. 

I also know that willpower breeds willpower.  Controlling or eliminating a habit makes it easier to do accross all domains. To accomplish the things that really give my life meaning I have to become kind of good at self-discipline. Makes me laugh that it took me so long to figure this out. 

Occult Musings at the End of a Good Day —

Occult Musings at the End of a Good Day

I believe in self actualization; that is, the idea of human beings achieving their potential. It is no less than apotheosis in my eyes. Apotheosis means becomming a god. In the book Thus Spake Zarathustra Nietzsche says : “Man is a thing to be surpassed.” This may be my central gospel. Each individual must find their path to their heroic apotheosis and this journey I think of using occultist Aleister Crowley’s language: the attainment of the True Will. 

In spite of my yearning for apotheosis life remains difficult. The most mundane of entropy’s thunder bolts leave me trembling with anxiety, drained of all energy, and sometimes in the grip of despair. Chronic health problems can be crippling, including chronic mental illness. My greatest terror these days results from my family of fours one car being broken down for nearly a month. My first terror was that I would lose my job but I have discovered the blessing of a kind coworker. Then I was just tired of all the walking but one adapts. Now my stress is coming from how to pay the mechanic and still provide groceries. I feel like I make a good salary to support my family, as long as absolutely nothing goes wrong. But on a night like tonight and on a day like today I actually know we will adapt, survive, and return to our true path towards thriving.

Why do I have this resilience today? Because today was a day lived correctly for me. I began the day blogging and spent much of the day drawing. Since I was 7 years old drawing and writing have been my passion. I have grown to think of the amount of creative content I am producing as a good metric of my current mental health in general. I have spent quality time with my sweetheart, which is itself recharging and reassuring since for once in my life I seem to have found a partner to make a healthy relationship with. I feel grateful today, more focused on the positive than the ever present and harder to ignore negative. The thunderbolts of entropy. 

Mental health is really a new field. Lately I have been giving thoughts to the disorders I have been diagnosed with and I don’t really have quarrel with these diagnoses. What I do argue is that the mainstream paradigm does not have an actual model of what mental health is. What does the healthy mind look like and how does one attain it? I know that it is resilient, creative, proactive, and probably fully receiving and giving love to family and community. 

The ancient Greeks believed that happiness was something that could only be experienced at the moment of death if you died doing what you were best at. This ancient philosophy comes to mind when I am thinking about this kind of stuff. This “how should I live my life” stuff. This “reasons to not kill myself next time I am overwhelmed with anxiety” stuff. Happiness does not come naturally to us. Once upon a time in the ancestral savannah the happy relaxed guy who stopped to smell the roses was saber toothed tiger food. The successful genes were the ones that remembered negative information better, paid more attention to it, and thought about it most often. Social psychologists call this theory the negativity bias. So maybe like me you have been diagnosed, biploar, or borderline personality disorder (the latter is probably more accurate for me). But I think everyone suffers from the negativity bias, everyone has some kind of struggle against the genetic program that saved us from an environment that was trying to eat us. Now if you live in the west and you have a relatively tolerable job that pays most of your bills being able to unlock gratitude, calm, and awe are the truly adaptive mental skills. 

Luckily humans can train and develop this kind of emotional intelligence. I am almost 38 years old and I feel like I am only now attaining the most basic level of maturity. My model of a mature man is some kind of blend of the Buddha and Nietzsche’s Übermensch. I call myself a closet Buddhist and have a lax meditation practice that I think has been amazingly fruitful in becomming a healthier person. If I had any sense I would meditate 30-60 minutes a day. But I am a closet Buddhist because I eat meat, enjoy cannabis regularly, and I believe in enjoying your individual personality and desires happily. In essence I believe in egoism. I think the true Buddha’s knew this, knew that achievement and indulgence were not undesireble. Just something to be observed within yourself just like anything else. 

Good experiences are trickier to observe. We let them pass through our fingers. We forget them quickly and then don’t reminiss. If you savor them you will see them more easily and more often. For me, at least, the default mode is just to take my licks from life and hold on for dear life. This is my inertia. This is not a life worth living. So I turn my third eye outward towards my apotheosis. I make an alphabet to speak with my inner angels. I turn my third eye inward to see the momentary happiness of my heart. This is how man comes to be surpassed. 

Resurrecting the Blog- 2017 Manifesto — July 22, 2017

Resurrecting the Blog- 2017 Manifesto

Welcome back to the Wolf Dendron blog. I created this blog over a year ago, for among other reasons, to share my experiences with the BDSM life style and write mostly about that topic. These days I am in a wonderful long term relationship that is mostly vanilla and monogamous. My last few posts have been hardcore BDSM erotica which I still write and also draw in erotic comics. 

Please check it out at

My art and cartooning are my life’s purpose. My “true will” to paraphrase the great occultist Aleister Crowley. Its very time consuming and to really be successful I need to learn to do it digitally. To say I love superhero mainstream Marvel and DC stuff would be a gross understatement but the content I produce is more in the indy comix tradition and is very sexual and transgressive at times. At its most mild my comics are essentially propaganda for my strange world view which tends to be controversial in varying ways. So no job at DC or Marvel for me even in my wildest dreams. My way is the way of self publishing and how fortunate I am that I live in the age of the internet where in essence I am already doing it and the only thing that stands between me and having the size of audience I want is effort. 

I think I need a blog in my life. The other night I lay in bed exhausted and awake obliterated by one strong rum and coke cocktail basically writing a diatribe about my views on the current political theatre and could not bring myself to actually grab the tablet and type this fucker out. Thinking about this consumed me for days until I decided today that this is my true blog. 

I want to mix all my content here. I will even start posting my comic book art here though its often just a photo of my sketchbook pages, lol. I like that if you scope this blog out you are just as likely to get a long story about consensual sexual slavery as you are to get an opinion piece on foreign policy. This is what I have to offer in the ressurection of this blog. Also if I can get an app that lets me do it on a tablet I would like to podcast  here as well. I am not so compartmentalized and I want my worldview to be creatively expressed in harmony. I sometimes think when I was growing up in the punk scene of the nineties I should have taken Faux Pas as my punk rock name since I have enjoyed a lifelong obsession with the impolite topics; sex, religion, and politics. Now as an old man of 37 😉 I hold well developed and nuanced views on all three. My views are also integrated, there are sexual elements to my political and religious world view, and thats not where the blending stops. I really do have a lot to say.

I think sex is largely neglected in public discourse and even when people are brave enough to discuss it openly they are still repressed. I see repression coming from both sides these days. The usual culprit of conservatism especially its religious side, but also the social justice warriors of this era who seem to want to impose a gender queer default on everyone and treat gender expressions and sexual expressions that bloom more from nature than nurture as some kind of opressive patricarchal made up construct. I could go on and on about that one but it deserves its own focused posts. I want to see a sex positive world where sex education is comprehensive, that sexual expression is more broadly accepted, and that slut-shaming essentially becomes a thing of the past. You can see that I do have a kind of sexual politics.

One of my mantras is that atheists always have the intellectual high ground. At the end of the day the atheists are always right. I also think that atheists, most of my atheist friends at least, have been so since small children seeing the ridiculousness of making up these fantasy creatures and concepts to cope with reality. My conclusion is that atheists are mutants. The rest of us do seem to have some kind of hardwired Jungian impulse to build a religious/spiritual frame work to interpret our lives to give them meaning. I observe that the game of pretend involved in religion is not so different than the game of pretend I engage in writing fiction, making up my own comic books, writing heavy metal songs when I was in a band, and a similar ecstasy can be found in both. I believe the religious impulse is related to the the artistic impluse and that most of us are at our best when our creative engines are firing on all cylinders. That is not to say my beloved atheist mutants are not creative, they are some of the most creative people I have ever met. I just think they are wired differently than the majority. Even though I am intellectually aligned with atheists I am a lifelong spiritual tourist. I have experimented with Christianity, Wicca, Islam, Satanism, Chaos Magick, Thelema, Buddhism (in reality I am basically a closet Buddhist above everything else), Asatru, Native Religions, etc. etc. etc. I just love this stuff. 

Religion fails when it is sex negative. Human beings in western civilization have two actualizing impulses that drive almost everyone. One is to make money – we tend to admire most those who make lots of money doing something they love. Two is to have a lasting, meaningful, lifelong relationship- we tend to admire most power couples who seem to love each other and strike out in harmony reshaping the world. You can’t really have the latter without having a well developed healthy integrated sexuality. What I mean about integrated sexuality is like the opposite of a pathological sexuality. A sick sexuality. I had a sick sexuality most of my life. I was sexually molested by a neighbor at age 12 but consensually so (clearly a 12 year old can’t truly consent but I am reflecting about the complexity of my experience). I learned everything I knew about sex from this 30 year old pedophile and then went off in shame and hyperawareness. I also couldn’t get laid most of my young life so I had little opportunity to work through these issues. I am decidedly pro-porn but have definitely had a yo-yoing unhealthy relationship with porn for most of my youth. I feel like I am finally starting to iron all this shit out and become a sexually healthy person. 

My spirituality is sexual. I have made a point to study some sex positive approaches to religion and integrate them into my own personal practice. I love the occult idea of the Sacred Whore especially knowing that temple prostitution dates back millenia. I think we could stand for some of that today, imagine going to church and hiring a theraputic sex surrogate who was also a spiritual mentor who could help you work through your shit. I would like to see this in every church, temple and mosque in America. I just recently read that 5 Love Languages book, which I am sure is not very scientific, but saw it as a good example of mainstream evangelical Christians taking some basic initiative in sexual counseling in their religion. Furthermore, I see sexuality itself as a spiritual gateway. In my own made up chaos magick religion which is a collage of strangeness, my girlfriend Ashton is the avatar of the Dark Venus. My times of intimacy with her are sacramental. I have had amazing experiences thinking and feeling this way and I think transformative positive sexual experiences can improve the whole of your well being- integrated sexuality. Because its not just sex, its a huge part of love. In my eyes the actualized human must be rich in autonomy and love. 

Dayum I just wrote a lot about sex. Partially because its all that this blog has been about so far. I have negelected this blog in part because a lot of times I don’t want to talk about sex at all. When one of the two other impolite topics has my attention. Trump is president of the United States for Christ’s sake. The worlds “Social Justice Warrior” are a title I reject. This is very strange since I went to anarchist training camps during the Iraq war and was a card carrying militant communist into my late 20s. I believe in racial equality, I believe in socialism to the extent that society should be meratocratic and that no one should be allowed to live in extreme poverty so long as a little bit of ingenuity can fix it. I believe in gender equality. I believe in free education for everyone. I should not be repelled by the left but here we are. The left’s addiction to identity politics grosses me out. I can’t relate. Maybe its because I am an ethnically ambigous Chilean, my whole life has been the cultural appropriation of white American culture. Oh wait whites cant be the victims of cultural appropriation, smh. I have always believed in gay rights and do believe in trans rights, but I also come from a first language where even the toaster has a gender. I am not saying these things as excuses for being politically incorrect I am trying to communicate what shapes my perspective. The left should fight for the environment hardest (because its a fucking emergency), ecenomic justice second harderst, and identity politics last with the exception of things like cops killing black people all over the country, and other equally grave issues. The left should also never abandon science and logic in favor of trendy postmodernism. 

The right is worse than ever. I used to try to think of examples of positive thinkers in the right wing but thats all eclipsed by Steve Bannon as chief strategist for the white house. This guy is a fucking nazi. I don’t use that word metaphorically, I reserve it for actual nazis. America has gone full nazi. 

I am not saying I am a centrist or an independent. I am definitely a goddamn leftist. 

Like I said I have a lot to say. Thats enough for now. I already know this is way past the word count that most of my friends are willing to stomach. Expect more. Including my art. Lets do this! 

Butt School: Admissions Exam — February 6, 2017

Butt School: Admissions Exam

Kara and Ricardo thought Butt School was a porn website, and mistook the reality for the plot. But after watching dozens of videos they realized it was actually real.

Anal was one of the world’s most popular fetishes growing exponentially due to internet porn. Many people can’t learn how to do it without excessive pain, much less with the bottom enjoying it to the point of reliably having anal orgasms. Butt school promised that students would be trained to be able to do most of whats seen in anal porn and cum doing it.

Kara and Ricardo loved anal porn. Kara was a former stripper who met Ricardo at work. She had never been a prude but had very little experience with anal before stripping but her curiosity was sparked by the enthusiasm her costumers showed for her asshole. She learned to flaunt it and started watching anal porn and experimenting with her lovers. Her tips multiplied when she understood the minds of ass men.

Ricardo made “an honest woman” out of Kara in a way. When she asked if he minded her stripping he told her “sex work is real work,” and poured out his extremely sex positive world view. Ricardo was a hardcore sexual liberal but kind of a nerd so not as experienced as Kara.

He never complained about Sara’s stripping and never showed jealousy when he came to see her at work. Ricardo was handsome if somewhat disheveled like a 90s grunge singer.  Imagine her surprise when she learned he was an independently wealthy software engineer.

As the relationship got more serious she moved in and pursued her university degree. Ricardo was a wonderful boyfriend and Kara wanted to do something for him on the magnitude he had done for her.

Butt school could be just that thing.

Ricardo loved anal porn and anal sex. He was good at dirty talk and was moderately dominant in the sack. Kara’s first anal experience with Ricardo was him eating her ass.

At this stage she’d had anal sex with several guys; tinder dates and costumers who she liked at the strip club but no one had tried to actually lick her asshole. When Ricardo did it she was on all fours on her bed getting eaten out from behind when she was startled by the surprise invasion from his tongue. She remembered when she looked back he wrestled their position pushing her head back to the mattress with one arm and pulling her towards him by her legs making her ass stick up even higher. It was almost as a warning against protest. When Ricardo dove back in he opened and penetrated her ass with his tongue, Kara had not even known that it was possible for a tongue to fully penetrate an asshole.

Now a days she was likely to get her ass eaten out once a day. Dont get it wrong Ricardo was not a pure giver and loved getting blowjobs. If his dick was out Ricardo was a primal fucker who was going to use his hands to control Kara and he would fuck her hard, fast and deep. Ricardo loved unleashing all his energy when he was inside Kara and would really pound her.

It was part of the reason anal sex was rare for them. Ricardo was meticulous and mindful during foreplay but a werewolf during fucking. He didnt like knowing when he fucked Kara he was causing so much pain. It was definitely not more than she could bare and Kara had enjoyed the few times Ricardo had cut loose and actually pounded her ass. But he was sweet like that and wanted her to experience nothing but pleasure while he unleashed fury on her little tight asshole.

“You need more anal training baby,” he would say.

Ricardo was not all talk. He got Kara butt plugs to help her stretch her ass. She loved wearing these and loved how it affected Ricardo to see her wear them as it guaranteed that great feeling of double penetration when he lost himself banging her cunt.

He also got her anal beads which he loved using while fucking her doggy style. Kara did not doubt anal orgasms were possible because Ricardo would withdraw the beads as she came making it hard to tell if it was her cunt or her ass making her cum.  She loved being trained by the erotic anal beads.

Both Ricardo and Kara were unapologetic porn fans. Since Ricardo was independently wealthy he subscribed to the porn sites he liked which basically included every site either known for anal or anal specific in the world.

Ricardo and Kara had an entertainment room with white leather couches and big windows to the well landscaped back yard with the biggest flat screen money could buy. When Ricardo came home from work he’d sit on the couch and put on porn. Kara would bring the plugs, lube and beads and greet him either bottomless or in a skirt with no underwear. She would lay across his lap and feel his cock hard from the porn underneath her. Then he would play with her ass, licking it, fingering it, toying it until neither could take it anymore and he filled either her mouth or cunt with cum.

It turned out lots of girls allowed their training to be filmed at Butt School because it was basically a resume into anal porn. Now that it was clear that Butt School was real not just the fantasy plot of another porn site, Kara became really curious.

Kara wanted to enroll and had actually enough in her savings to cover the expensive tuition.  Ricardo was patient with her but she wanted him and her to realize their sexual potential. It was one gift she could give them both, she felt like Ricardo gave so much.

The young couple made an appointment to apply for admission to Butt School. They booked a flight to a city near its location secluded in a West Coast forest.  They rented and drove a car the rest of the way.

Kara was nervous but comitted. Ricardo had tried to talk her down but Kara was unshakable and even though Ricardo was wealthy and supported them Kara was paying for Butt school and even the travel there with her own money. It was important to her, Kara knew she had it in her to learn to feed Ricardo’s anal hunger.

Butt School was a real school. A closed down small university purchased and repurposed by perverted geniuses. When the couple arrived they had to wait in a beautiful office to be seen by the Dean of Admissions.

The School wasted no time in cutting to the chase. The Dean of Admissions was a tall blonde dominatrix wearing tall leather boots with 6 inch heels. She also wore a corset with a nice revealing bra. The Domme was stacked. The outfit was completed by a leather spanking dress opened so her huge round ass could protrude. This place was serious about ass as the center of the universe.

“Kara Gonzalez? ” she asked looking down at the nervous couple in the waiting room.

Kara stood up, “Yes that’s me.”

“Welcome to Butt School its time for your admission exam, you and your boyfriend can come in my office. Follow me.” She instructed.

Ricardo and Kara could not help but be hypnotized by the Dean of Admissions tremendous ass as she lead them in. She wore no panties.

The website did not explain much, the cost and that it was a 3-month live-in curriculum that guaranteed students would be able to perform the anal feats they see in anal fetish porn and cum doing it. This was by design Butt school was for people who made sex a high enough priority that they would jump through hoops and take risks to advance.  So many people give in to sexual laziness but there will always be those who understand that its one of the most important things in life.

When they walked into the well decorated old school office the Dean did not invite anyone to sit and planted her bare ass on the cold wood of her dress.

“Ut evolve in lumbis nostris,” she said, “Its our motto, it means by our loins we evolve. Do you believe you believe this?”

“I guess so, I mean sex is really really important to us,” answered Ricardo.

The Dean smiled and put her hand on his cheek, “I was asking Kara Gonzales,unless you are applying to stay in our male training program?”

“Im sorry,” Ricardo corrected himself, turned on by being able to see this Domme’s hot big naked ass and her undeniable authority. He could understand how a guy might obey an anal dominatrix. Ricardo was an ass man to his very core.

“I do believe it ma’am.  Ut evolve in lumbis nostris, by our loins we evolve. It’s a beautiful motto,” Kara took over bravely.

“What a good smart little slut you are ,” said the Dean,” but I dont answer to ma’am only Mistress. ”

“Yes Mistress. ” Kara corrected.

“Take off your clothes Kara, if we accept you and you chose to stay you will remain mostly naked and exposed for your stay at Butt School,”  said the Dean.

Kara began to strip. She looked nervous. She was also turned on. Turned on by this hot valkyrie that was going to expose her asshole to anal lesbian treatment. She was turned on by the anticipation of being forced to be naked in front of other anal slaves in training. Kara knew she had to do whatever it took to be accepted into Butt School.

“Please have a seat,” the Domme instructed Ricardo. He sat down.

The Dean produced a video camera and a tripods. She set it up and turned it on catching the final moments of Kara stripping down. All students were routinely filmed at Anal School, starting with the admissions test. Students were given all video upon completion but where offered handsome rewards from the school if they were allowed to use it as amateur porn for advertising.

“Most people think we are a porn site because of the videos and granted many of our graduates do go into porn, you will graduate an anal queen. Please bend over the desk,” said the Dean.

Kara bent over the desk and her butt was spanked hard several times. ” What do you say if asked to do something?!” chastised the Dean.

“Yes Mistress?,” responded Kara feebly.

“Much better,” continued the Domme. Looking at Ricardo: ” we will video her anal training most students send these videos home to their lovers. We do offer to pay for the privilege of posting them and pay considerably.  Some students pay their tuition that way but we dont recommend it for students not looking to do porn professionally. ”

While she spoke she squeezed and caressed Kara’s bubble butt. She spread her cheeks and looked very closely at her butthole. The Domme sucked on her index finger and rubbed it around in circles on the outside of Kara’s asshole. Kara felt so turned on and embarrassed at having her asshole in center stage while her boyfriend watched. But it turned Ricardo on that she was such a slut and that she was ultimately doing this for him and his peace of mind.

Kara let out a little moan.

“Oh you like that dont you,” the Domme chuckled, “you might be a good fit for Butt School after all.” It was important that students were receptive to anal teasing, it showed that they had a good sexual connection with this hole.

The Dominatrix continued: “Here at Butt School your ass will be used and trained by many teachers both male and female. The students are segregated by gender but you will be expected to partner up with classmates and work on each others asses. Is this an issue for you two?” As she finished the Dean slid her index finger all the way inside Kara’s displayed little asshole penetrating in front of Ricardo.

Kara looked at Ricardo for approval, “its fine its for school after all,” he laughed nervously. Of course the idea of his sweet Kara being anally penetrated in lesbian training assignments was nothing more than a fantasy come true. Thank god that he could have copies of the films.

“Its not an issue Mistress, ” answered Kara submissively while moving her ass up and down on the Deans finger essentially fucking her own ass. She loved the way it felt as her slutty ass was coerced into opening.

“Excellent, can you twerk?  Clean this off for me darling, ” the Domme put the finger shed had inside Kara’s ass into her mouth.

Kara sucked on the Deans finger looking into her eyes and twerking expertly, as a former stripper twerking was definitely part of her skill set.

“Good, can you make it clap?”

Kara started clapping her ass and kept sucking on her Mistress’ finger.

“Well you are a wonderful candidate,” the Dean complimented. Sensual dancing was not required but was definitely a plus. It also showed that Kara knew how to flaunt her big round ass. The Dean was impressed.

Kara smiled but didnt stop sucking her finger until the Mistress took it out, “thank you Mistress.”

“What good manners,” said the Dean while jiggling Kara’s big butt cheeks. “Now onto the next phase of your admissions exam.”

The Dean pulled out 2 packs of disposable enema bottles. She inserted the tip and squeezed the cold contents into Kara’s belly. Kara was not ready she’d never had an enema before but both her and Ricardo watched enema play porn on Everything Butt and Milk Enema. They both liked how the girls became like anal fountains.

“Hold it inside while I tell you what to do,” instructed the Domme, ” I have a bathroom in this office,” she pointed to a door, “I want you to release in there and in the cabinet above the toilet you will find more enemas. I want you to clean yourself out until only clean water comes out.”

“Yes Mistress,” answered Kara. She walked to the bathroom struggling to hold the water inside. It didnt help that the dominatrix was slapping her ass the whole way as she walked to the bathroom.

While Kara got her insides 100% clean the Dean of Admissions talked to Ricardo about the school and their relationship. She reassured him that everyone kept a healthy emotional distance and that lots of couples used butt school just like Kara envisioned; to train one partner to become a phenomenal epic lover.

Kara finally came back out. “Im ready and clean Mistress,” she announced.

“Lets see shall we?” said the Dean somewhat gleefully.

There was a bar stool in the office too high for Kara’s feet to touch the ground. She was made to sit partially bent over with her ass hanging off the stool. Something about this position opened Kara’s cheeks and put her asshole on display. “We love stools here at Butt School,” announced the Dean.

She then pulled a pink plastic pail from behind her desk. Like the kind a child might use to make a sand castle. Then the Dean filled Kara up with a disposable enema. “Hold it until I say,” she commanded Kara.

The Dean said, ” look back at the camera darling tops love seeing bottoms’ faces when using their assholes. And spread your cheeks for me.”

Kara sat on the stool spreading her cheeks and looking at the camera with the water threatening to dribble out of her. She was so humiliated and so turned on. The Dean held the pink pail just under her ass.

“Release! ” commanded the Dean of Admissions. Kara let the water shoot from her body into the pail and she heard it hit the plastic.”Good job! Perfect clear clean water!”

Much to her surprise Kara felt pride and accomplishment at the Mistress’s encouraging words.

“Now I want you to show me how much you love ass. To go to Butt School you have to really love ass,” admonished the Domme, “Ricardo would you mind helping us out?”

Ricardo looked at Kara for a hint and she nodded approval from her display on the stool. “Sure,” he said.

The Dean had Ricardo strip and immediately put Kara to licking his asshole and reaching around to jerk him off.  When Kara hesitated the Dominatrix went to spanking her ass and said, “I will not say another word until your tongue is in his ass.”

Ricardo was hesitant at first. He loved tounging women’s buttholes but had never allowed it done to him. But it felt very good and he enjoyed Kara’s lesbian humiliation. He became very hard as Kara simultaneously played with his cock and enjoyed how beautiful the bare assed dominatrix was.

The Dean of Admissions explained that a man was required for the entrance exam but they used students lovers whenever possible.  She added that she would need Ricardo to fuck her ass for the next phase.

“But I dont cheat,” he complained. Though his hard cock in Kara’s hand while she tongue fucked his back door told a different story.

“Its ok Baby its for school ,” Kara reassured him in between wet generous laps of his asshole with her tongue.

The Dean of Admissions sat on the stool and this time she spread her cheeks and looked back making eye contact with Ricardo.  She winked her asshole at him making it look like she was desperate to have something inside of it. Ricardo loved seeing this winking trick in porn.

Kara felt Ricardo’s cock throbbing as she jerked him off.  She couldnt see what the dean was doing because her face was buried in her boyfriend’s ass. But she knew it was turning Ricardo on whatever it was.

“Come lick my ass now Kara,” ordered the Domme, ” and keep jerking Ricardo off. Ricardo I want you close enough to fuck my ass when I tell you to.”

The young couple complied. Kara began vigorous analingus on the dean of admissions while masturbating Ricardo’s dick near her asshole.  Ricardo could not believe Kara’s cute face worshipping the dominatrix’s ass. She also took turns licking Ricardo’s dick knowing her purpose as lube dispenser.

“Do you know what I want you to do?” the dean checked.

“Yes mistress you want me to show you how good I can go ass to mouth,” Kara answered proudly and wiggled her ass with excitement. The nubile Kara was having the time of her life she felt like she was really living one of the anal porns they loved so much. She was literally up to her face in ass and she was having her own ass used and humiliated.

“That’s right Ms.Kara, I think Butt School is going to be a great fit for you,” affirmed the Dean.

The Domme’s well trained ass was well lubed by Kara’s enthusiastic tongue fucking. Kara went well beyond licking Ricardo’s dick to deep throating and had her face, Ricardo’s cock, and Mistress’s ass all covered by her face fucked drool. She helped guide Ricardo’s dick into her ass.

Ricardo could not believe it here he was fucking another woman’s ass while Kara studiously rested her face cheek to cheek on the mistress’s ass. Both Kara and Ricardo watching his dick slide in and out of this sexpert’s ass.

The Dean of Admissions had an asshole that was exemplary of all that could be achieved at Butt School. Ricardo felt like his dick was being sucked by this dominatrix’s ass. Kara’s pussy was soaked as she watched up close this valkrie’s pretty ass expertly milk her boyfriend’s cock.

“Pull it out and feed it to her then put it back in,” instructed the Domme.

Ricardo obliged taking turns between Kara’s throat and the dean of admissions’ big round ass. Each time his cock repenetrated her ass weigh a fresh coat of lube from Kara’s mouth.

The dean of admissions had a porn star gape when Ricardo exited her asshole. Kara would take that opportunity to spit inside and make sure her mistress’s ass was nice and wet for Ricardo’s dick.

“Dont cum Ricardo Im going to need you to creampie Kara as part of her entrance exam.” Kara got very excited to hear that soon she would have Ricardo’s dick deep in her own ass.

The dean of admissions removed Ricardo’s dick and asked Kara if she was ready to have her ass played with. The naked drool covered Kara enthustically nodded.

“Please play with my ass mistress.” she begged still on her knees from eating ass and sucking cock.

“Is your ass a toy that you want us to play with it?” teased the Domme.

“My ass is a toy for other people’s amusement, ” answered Kara with her inner slut taking over her words.

“Lets play with our toy,”  said the dean to Ricardo ushering the eager naked little slut on top of her desk on all fours. The dominatrix pulled out an assortment of toys, dildos and butt plugs from her desk and a very big lube dispenser.

The two tops took turns licking, eating,  and making out with Kara’s asshole. Ricardo was surprised to see it make a tiny little gape from being repeatedly forced open with their tongues.

The dominatrix became exceedingly excited by the tiny but noticeable opening and took the camera off the tripod for extreme close-up POV. Kara felt like she was very much trying to see inside of her with the camera.

With the Domme’s guidance Ricardo fucked Kara’s ass with a variety of anal beads and butt plugs. The largest of which were documented and put in a special bag for Kara’s first day of school. Her tiny gape was made a little bigger and the Dominatrix coached Kara on how to gape, how to use the muscles of her ass to keep it open. Kara’s humiliation was compounded when she did get a pen light to see better inside of her and filmed the spotlight on her gape as she slowly oozed out lube. Kara had never been so lubed in her entire life. Her whole ass, thighs and lower back were shiny with lube.

One particularly humiliating part of her admissions test was when the Domme and Ricardo slid a very long two headed dildo into her ass and marked a marker line right against the ring of her asshole to show how deep she could be anally penetrated right now. Much more than she thought it turns out. She had such a slutty little butthole.

Kara was so ready for real dick inside her ass after all these toys. “Please, please mistress may I have Ricardo’s big dick inside of me. My greedy butthole needs real dick please.”

“You are going to be such a great success here at Butt School,” beamed the dean of admissions and looked at Ricardo. “Do you think our toy has been a good girl and deserves a reward?”

Ricardo nodded happily.

The Dean wanted to hear Kara talk dirty a little more. She loved to hear an anal slut talk like one. Kara may not have known it when she got out of bed but the Dean was sure that the school was about to get a new natural born anal slut and that she would do amazing things with her eager little asshole.

“Tell me little fuck toy, how should we reward you?” taunted the mistress wanting to hear dirty dirty talk come out of her little fuck toy’s mouth.

“Please reward this slut with real cock inside my slutty gaping asshole. I need to feel a real dick in there so bad, please please.” It was so hot to see Kara lubed up and well toyed begging for dick like a desperate anal bimbo.

Ricardo gave Kara’s hungry little butthole exactly what she wanted. She’d had so many big toys shoved in there during her exam but nothing compares to real dick alive inside her ass. She could feel Ricardo throbbing inside her and she consciously squeezed down on his dick.

Kara had already evolved in her technique since all her anal experiences today. For the first time Ricardo knew his cock was not causing pain in his sweet darling’s asshole. He went to pound it hard. Kara loved it, she loved seeing and more importantly feeling him fuck her ass with the same intense energy he always showed her pussy. Ricardo did not take long to cum in her ass.

All the blueballing self restraint Ricardo showed through seeing Kara stripped, cleaned out and used had built up so much cum in his balls. Not to mention getting blow jobs and fucking the dean of admissions in her ass. He just came and came so much in Kara’s ass. She moaned everytime she felt a new hot stream of the thick fluid erupt inside her.

When Ricardo was finally done cumming the dean of admissions had Kara spread her ass while she crouched down for a close up of her cream pie. The cum kept oozing out of her tiny gape for what seemed a long time.

“Well Kara Gonzales you have passed your entrance exam, you have proven your commitment to turn your little exit to a very active entrance, ” teased the dominatrix.  “Welcome to Butt School. ”

Kara beamed proudly as she squeezed Ricardo’s hot cum out of her ass for the camera. She knew she would love Butt School.

Puppy Girl Night — January 31, 2017

Puppy Girl Night

Michelle was excited and nenervous.It was puppy girl night. Her and Aaron, her boyfriend, were big fans of petplay erotica and porn. They would watch it and play with and tease each other and have steamy but mostly vanilla sex.

For some reason Aaron and Michelle could not seem to push through into doing the real kink.

Michelle was a smart girl and did not understand what the appeal of a bimbo brainwashed puppy girl was for her. She was assertive,successful and independent but for some reason it made her drench  her panties to imagine being Aaron’s little cock hungry puppy. Michelle got turned on by the degradation and intimacy of it. She would be a fuckdoll but also “man’s best friend.”

Aaron similarly was nervous to impose such a misogynist fantasy on his beautiful girlfriend who he adored. His favorite where the videos where the man was like a mad scientist in a lab coat actually transforming the girl into a reduced human animal sex toy. Some of those videos made Aaron full of feminist guilt. He respected all women especially Michelle. Both of them knew they just needed to work past these hangups and try to fulfill their shared fantasy.

Sometimes Michelle would tease and wag her imaginary tail;shaking her plump ass for Aaron’s amusement. She would then step it up a notch and pant with her tongue out. This would effectively turn Aaron into a werewolf where all his masculine energy would target her and he would pound her like a madman. Aaron never fucked as wild or hard as when Michelle gave him a taste of puppy girl. But they never made it past just a taste.

It was going to go down. Aaron and Michelle had to try it in real life. They made preparations. Michelle got a pink spiked collar and a metal chain. A puppy butt plug was purchased, not a cute furry one. This one was silicon and pointed up like a J. Michelle had tried anal sex many times before but never a butt plug. She was excited. Pink bows to tie her hair in pigtails were a must so was an open mouth gag and 2 dog dishes.

The final crucial prop was to be a doggy cage which Michelle would prepare and lock herself in to be waiting for Aaron as soon as he got home. They agreed that they needed to take precautions to force them to commit to a full scene since in the past the smallest hint was enough to send them over the edge into hot steamy but not as interesting sex. Michelle and Aaron were determined to see this through.

Aaron and Michelle had created fetlife accounts to learn about real people who do petplay and were active with friends there. Aaron was going to take and post lots of pictures of puppy Michelle to show they had finally done a scene.

Michelle started sexting Aaron when she began her transformation. He got very turned on when Michelle sent her first picture. She was fully clothed but had her blonde pig tails in ribbons, her collar snug on her neck and a squeaky toy in her mouth. The next picture was very much the same but his precious puppy girl was now totally naked. Her curvy figure taunting him to hurry home.

The dog cage was painted pink which was Michelle’s favorite color. All her puppy toys were pink like her cage, collar and tail. Her dishes said “puppy” in white letters on pink. Both were in the cage with water and dry cereal. The floor of the cage covered in newspaper.

Michelle  would truly be trapped in the cage when she locked the door. She was to toss the key out of reach. This made her a little nervous in case anything happened to Aaron on his way home. They agreed to time things so she’d be in the cage less than 30 minutes before.

Michelle put on a puppy girl porn to help her get even more into it. While she watched she took her time fingering and lubing her ass to get it read for the pink butt plug. She couldnt help getting turned on while she saw the women on screen degraded into bimbo sex slaves while playing with her ass. In and out her finger went getting her insides ready for this new experience. The butt plug was not for beginners. Michelle just figured she’d done anal plenty of times and could take it. But she still wanted to be very warmed up before she tried.

She sent Aaron more selfies with her naked in her collar and pigtails fingering her ass and cunt. Finally triumphantly she sent pictures of her tail after her ass finally accepted it inside. Michelle felt so cute in her pink doggy tail. So perky how it points straight up.

Aaron wanted to leave work right then and there but managed to exercise self control. It was hard not to finish off to seeing pictures of Michelle double penetrating herself with her hands and wearing this hot butt plug.  Aaron hid in the office bathroom and rubbed himself until he was throbbing seeing Michelle incarnate as a sex pet on his phone. Some of these pictures belonged on fetlife, but the couple agreed they would chose together and that Michelle could edit as much as she liked. Aaron glanced at his tall blonde all-American frame in the bathroom mirror after edging in the stall. He was going to save his cum for his puppy girl. He was determined to excel as her master.

Ashley got on all fours in the living room where she was naked except for ribbons, tail, and collar. She wanted to warm up. When the girls in the movie barked she did too. Remembering puppy girls dont talk.They bark, they growl, they whimper. If Michelle talked it was tantamount to using her safeword. She played with her pussy as she practiced rolling over and wagging her tail. God she was so turned on.

Michelle put on the open mouth gag and sent Aaron another selfie. She messaged him telling him about how she was getting ready and transforming herself for him. Drooling all over her tits as she texted trying to keep from dripping on the phone.

She had to pee and decided to go one step further; Michelle got up on her hindlegs and let herself out to the back yard. Once the door was open she went back into puppy girl form on all fours and crawled outside on top of the soft green grass. Walking on all fours Michelle could feel the tallest grass and flowers brush against and tease her nipples. It was a strange tease having her tits this close to the ground. She was just imagining the neighbor peeking over the fence and seeing her like this. Michelle decided in her determination that even if that did happen she would just whimper, wag her tail and crawl back inside. She found a corner of the yard to pee in, still on all fours, with drool trickling down her chin from the open mouth gag.

The neighbor never came but his dog was sniffing at the fence near where Michelle peed. The puppy girl barked playfully at him wagging her tail and the real dog barked back. Michelle crawled back inside before her puppy conversation attracted some human attention.

Michelle looked at the clock on the wall and saw Aaron would be home, she dutifully locked herself in the doggy crate and threw the key across the room. She was really turned on and lay on her back playing with her pussy waiting for her master to come home.

When the lock began to turn Michelle had the slightest anxiety that anyone besides Aaron might walk through the door. She was quickly reassured to see her tall muscular master walk in smiling at her obedience.

“Good girl!,” Aaron cooed at her while she eagerly wagged her tail and barked a cute unfinished “arf”  from the opened mouth gag. Aaron pulled out his phone and took video while eagerly repeating “who’s a good girl,” as Michelle channeled an eager and enthusiastic puppy in response.

Aaron unlocked the door to the cage and Michelle surprised herself licking Aaron’s hands and shoes while happily shaking her plugged ass. Aaron scratched her behind the ear and commanded Michelle to sit.

Michelle kneeled drooling all over her tits from her open mouth gag. “Good girl,” said Aaron happily, ” you deserve a reward for being obedient.”

Michelle looked hot and ridiculous and couldnt wait for Aaron to use her like the inhuman slut she was. The tail filled in her ass and she wished it was her Master’s cock in there instead. She wondered what her reward would be panting staring lovingly at him. Michelle was so happy Master was home to take care of her.

“You want your reward?” he asked with boyish enthusiasm.

Michelle barked wanting to please Aaron so bad.

“Beg.” he commanded.

Michelle barked over and over kneeling with her paws up, wanting to show Master she was a good girl and could beg. Finally Aaron rewarded her resting his big hard cock on her tongue.

Michelle couldnt really suck with her open mouth gag. She could lick. She could fuck her own throat, which she did eagerly making Aaron moan. His cock throbbed in her face and she could taste his salty precum. She prayed that he wouldn’t cum this early in the scene. She felt reassured when Aaron pulled out his phone and took some pictures of her “reward” for fetlife. As Aaron fed her his cock drool poured down from her gag all down her front, down to her cunt.

Aaron took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed his fingers on her spit and teased her cunt. Michelle moaned when her little bare puppy finally got some attention from Master. Aaron indicated that it was time to be back on all fours and began inspecting her tail while he worked his magic fingers in her cunt making her tremble as he teased her g-spot. Before long he started fucking her ass with her tail making her cum from the double penetration and nearly collapse on the floor. The sweet girls legs were giving out from under her.

“Good girl,” Aaron repeated a few times while he had Michelle lick and clean her own juices from his fingers.

Next Aaron attached a leash to Michelle’s collar and said “lets go for a walk.” He took Michelle outside and walked her around the back yard. Michelle panted while she walked and wagged her tail everytime Aaron looked at her. Michelle’s butthole still tingly from being toyed with her own tail. She could see Aaron’s dick was very very hard in his pants. Michelle imagined him using that big dick on all her holes while she was leashed and collared like the helpless bimbo she was.

Aaron took her chain off in the yard and pulled the pink bone squeaky toy out of his pocket. “Lets play fetch,” he said. “I will reward you every time you bring me the toy.” Then Michelle’s master took the open mouth gag off and Michelle barked and wagged her tail enthusiastically.

He tossed the squeaky toy across the yard and videoed as Michelle crawled as fast as she could to go fetch it. The toy squeaked several times as she picked it up from the ground.

When she got it back to him he commanded Michelle to make it squeak which she obeyed  easily.

“Roll over,” he added.

Michelle obeyed but whimpered and looked confused wondering if Aaron forgot her “reward.” With the gag out of her mouth she could really suck his dick and she was eager to do it.

Aaron rubbed Michelle’s belly and looked at her freshly shaved pussy. He put the pink squeaky bone inside her cunt double penetrating her and took another picture with his phone. Michelle felt so humiliated but the chew toy slid easily into her drooling teased pussy.

“Sit,” her master commanded.

Michelle obeyed.

“Beg,” he commanded and she obeyed.

Finally he slid his big dick inside her pretty face and used her pigtails to help him fuck her mouth.

Michelle looked up at Aaron as was his preference. He smiled down at his good puppy.

“Squeak,” he commanded.

It took Michelle a moment to process, she teased Aaron’s dick while she figured it out. Finally she understood and did a kegel with all her strength and the toy inside her pussy made a squeak. Aaron made her do it again while he took video for fetlife.

He took the toy out and made her fetch and squeeze again.

Michelle had a hula hoop that Aaron made her crawl through for more rewards but each time it was getting harder and harder not to cum. “That’s enough training for now lets go back inside.”

Aaron reattached the chain and walked Michelle back inside. He wanted to do just a few more pet play things before he allowed himself to erupt inside Michelle. His cock had not softened since he walked through the door.

Aaron took his shoes off which Michelle carried to the closet in her mouth. He cooked dinner while Michelle lay on the floor and licked her Master’s feet. Puppy girl ate naked on all fours under the table while Aaron had his like a human being. He made her lay at his feet while he sat on the couch until he could ignore the pain of his blue balls no more.

He got on the floor with her and pulled her head down to the floor with her collar. Michelle whimpered thinking she was in trouble. When Aaron gradually pulled the tail out of her ass she knew she was getting a reward instead, the anal toy virgin was in fact an anal slut and her current degradation amplified her need for Aaron’s cock to impale her ass.

Aaron saw her rear slightly gaped for holding her toy inside for so long. He spit in her open ass and her butthole winked as the spit went inside. He pulled his cock out and fed it to her cunt. He wanted to cum in her ass so bad but wanted his puppy to cum first.

He fucked her pussy while Michelle played with her clit.  Master was making her suck on his fingers as he reached from behind, lubing her ass with her own spit. Ass to mouth, back to ass.  Aaron was inadvertently edging them both as he kept having to stop and slow down not to shoot his load before Michelle.

Finally he kept his rhythm in her cunt long enough to make her cum. She came so hard squeezing his dick with the walls inside her. She moaned and moaned. Now it was Aaron’s turn for a reward.

Michelle’s ass was well lubed and relaxed and Aaron’s dick was very wet from his puppy’s hungry pussy. Michelle’s ass had not been empty for a long stretch and it felt good to feel Aaron’s cock slide back inside. Michelle was so horny and so eager to please that she could not resist sliding her own ass back and forth on his cock. Aaron was both pleased and shocked seeing his girlfriend transformed into some kind of porn anal queen. She liked anal, but its rare to see a girl work for it.

He took her pigtails in his fists loving seeing her naked and cock stuffed in her collar.  Aaron’s eyes were in a  perverted heaven. With control of her hair Aaron matched his puppy’s enthusiasm and removed all self control from his cock. Jets of hot cum shot into Michelle’s ass like he hadn’t cum in weeks. His cock stayed hard for a minute after cumming and he kept slowly sliding it back and forth in Michelle’s eager cum filled ass.

Michelle was so happy that Aaron had finally gotten his release. She had cum several times and knew it was hard for him to sustain himself so long. Especially when literally living out one of their fantasies. She smiled proudly while Aaron took pictures with his phone of the gooey cream flowing out of her ass.

Even after finishing the sex Michelle stayed in her collar for another hour and lay at Aaron’s feet while they watched TV. Even though she was unplugged she shook her ass when he said something to please her. She barked and whimpered and growled through small conversations. She liked being his puppy girl, it felt very natural and comfortable.

Eris — April 21, 2016


O god, fucking Eris.

Eris  is the secret to my power. By feeding on her I find the lightning with which to conquer the world.

A young Domme, an important part of my coven, introduced me to Eris.

Her eyes, incongruous, blue yet Asianic- a geisha. My words fail me. Eyes I either need to possess – or eat.

Her body is banging. Especially her tits. This girl has a vintage hourglass body. I cant get enough. Her tits are right, her ass is right, her legs are right. A face to make a man sink his ships like Odysseus with the sirens.

I attended a BDSM orgy, as per usual. The Domme  told me that Eris wanted to play with me.  I came towards her with a look on my eye that could mean murder to anyone who doesn’t know me.  I verified that she did want to play with me and began to teach her slave positions. She complied, making my body fill with lightning and my heart belong to her.  There was “at rest” where she spread her legs far and put her hands palms up, her face relaxed and pretty with her gaze meeting mine. -The gaze must always meet mine. -I taught her “presentation” which is like at rest but with her arms behind her head, designed for the Dominant to inspect and have access to whatever part of his submissive he wants. She had her clothes on but she was naked to me.

I am obsessed with pet play and she let me train her in high protocol slave positions, leash and collar her and she gave me some light puppy play. After, when I had her kneel with her tongue out and beg , it was just another slave position .  I collared her and leashed her and walked her like a dog. She showed me she has what it takes to shapeshift. She made me shapeshift too, my werewolf heart ferocious and pure.

The next time I saw her I hurried home from across the state strung out on 3 days of rolling on MDMA.  Circumstances were forcing me to find a new place to live. I was considering moving in with her and  The Domme. I tormented these poor girls- showing them the most disgusting lesbian anal BDSM porn I could find. I was coming down off lots of ecstasy and the high of a road trip. I wrestled with her, stripped her and chained up her tits.

My crush set in. And nothing happened. I twiddled my thumbs for months. Simmered in the pain from a former break up and hunted other women.

The Domme, my friend, and Eris fell apart. I took The Domme’s side. Until I didn’t. It didn’t matter to me that I was a fucking traitor.

Small talk, god I hate small talk. Only for Eris would I indulge in redundant small talk. But it got me back in.

Fast forward to my Domme friend and I living in what basically amounts to a mansion or a museum. Eris starts turning up again as these two rebuild their friendship. My obsession is rekindled quickly. The heart covets what it sees.

I want her more than anyone. She washed away the heartbreak of the recent years. She eclipsed it all.

But this girl is Chaos Goddess Eris, she can’t be tied down. Hell she can’t even be predicted. My mentor, a great Dominant, had chased her, we both wanted her together. We shared a fantasy of spoiling her rotten. It would have been a good life for her.

I knew in her teenage years (which were not so far behind her) she had been what they call a scene girl. To guys my age all this shit is just goth reinvented. But I wanted to dress her this way. Buy her stuffies. Make her my babygirl. My mentor wanted to do his own version of this in his exuberant DD/lg expertise, but Eris did not keep her appointment with him. The kiss of death with most Dominants is being flakey in any way shape or form. My mentor is no different. My desire did not waver.

I want to add a note that anyone but Eris pulling this kind of shit would not fly with me either. She is the exception to the rule. What do you expect from Chaos Herself.

Eris shows up when she shows up. Her life is chaos. She is hell on wheels. I believe it will not always be this way but she is a free spirit and life routinely deals her many many blows. She weathers them all and laughs them off like a samurai. Perhaps that is one of the things I find so irresistible. Her unpredictability is forgivable because it is tied to her strength.

A few times I did get my claws on her. Always some tantalizing tease. Always so hard to just fucking close the deal. Emotions. Drugs. Anxieties. But always beautiful, always so fucking sexy, always making the lightning in my heart more than I thought it could be.

One night I took Eris to the ATM during a munch where one of our mutual play partners went down on her in the back seat of my jeep as I drove. It was pretty fucking epic. Same night I stripped her and spanked her and werestled her and my Domme friend naked in front of two other guests. It was one hell of a night.

Twice we played in my room at the mansion.

Two glorious times of orgasm torture. Of spankings. Of playing a game where she has to talk dirty while I play with her and distract her under threat of gagging. Eris passed both times with high pressure and the odds against her by talking dirty the way I like to hear it. Two times of my cock feeling like heaven in her mouth, and her pulling the werewolf out of me by playing with my balls. Two times of her naked and displayed for me. Two times that right now along with everything drive me into a frenzy to dream of the future.

When I think of Eris on my arm I think of the whole fucking world on its knees to us.

I want to terrorize the world with my sexuality. I want everyone to tremble or convert to the path of the Wolf Dendron.

I want to evolve together with Eris into a form that manifests this as true. I want us to flaunt our sexuality with art and make a dragons horde of treasure doing so.

Eris does not want to be tied down. Again, what do you expect from the chaos goddess.

I want to do more than tie her down. I want to own her. Enslave her. Keep her in a fucking cage.

Who knows what will come to pass, but consider this writing forward a voice shouting in the wilderness. I am like the mad prophet in the desert shouting demands at god. Or better yet the devil shouting: “Be your own god” with Eris and the Wolf Dendron as the dawn of a new Olympus.

Eris and I have one thing in common. We want to fuck with an audience. So this will be our future.

What ever it takes I will do it. I will cleanse myself and rise above.

At some point Eris will routinely be at my side. When that day comes she will be perpetually on display and in training. I will dress her like a whore or not at all. Her outfits will be skimpy, sexual with her body falling out of them. Especially her immaculate tits and ass. Thats for the times I let her wear clothes at all. It is equally likely that she will wear a harness, a butt plug, a collar. Clothes that are not clothes at all but merely decorations for her sexuality displaying her like a work of art.

She is my crown and scepter.

We built our wealth making erotica based on our true stories: For example,  when I took her out to a gravel pit near the train tracks.  She was so fucking afraid but she wanted it. She had told me all her craziest and darkest fantasies and public sex was high on the list.

“Fuck this, I’m out!” She said frazzled as soon as she walked out of the car. The gravel pit was somewhat well lit, parts of it could be seen from a highway overpass. I had studied the place from many views and knew exactly where we would be invisible.

“No you aren’t. Relax. What are you worried about?” I responded.

She sighed exasperated, and turned around in her tight black yoga pants, her superhero uniform. Eris always wears yoga pants. She also wore a generic long sleeved T. Her hair black and curly full of chaos tied up like a geisha girl. Her eyes blue and framed in dark thick eyeliner with lashes like a cartoon. She was pure fucking eye candy for me. Always.

Eris lit a cigarette and smiled, “no I’m not,” and I went to her and threw my arms around her. Smiling.  She always made me laugh and smile. It was not unusual for her to act like she was too scared to do something and the muster up the courage in spades.

Eris was a strong girl to be sure. Her submission to me did not come through her submissive nature because she was rebellious and hated feeling backed into a corner in any situation outside of a game. With us it was always a game.  She knew I always had her best interests at heart and would back off if she needed space or power.

As I slowly made her mine  the more we played this game the more power she gave me.

I opened the back of my jeep and sat her down there to smoke our cigarettes together.

Eris was a handful and so was her ass. I was well overdue to see it bare.

I kissed her. I loved kissing her. I moved my hands up her shirt and felt up her bra thinking of how I would be taking it off soon. I brought her closer into my kiss by pulling her bra in between her tits. Keeping my hands under her shirt, I touched her all over her back and then I put my mouth to her neck. Biting her, remembering not to do it as hard as I like.

Eris had a sassy smile the next time I looked up at her. Her and I would always stare and make eye contact. She saw it as a staring competition. I loved looking at her like an addict getting his fix.

I pushed her down in the back of my jeep. She resisted which  made me want her so much more.  I grabbed the waist band of her black yoga pants. She grabbed my wrists and I brought my face closer to her and growled through my teeth. I pulled her pants down in spite of her resistance …as usual she wore no panties.

I held Eris down by her neck with one hand and gripped her pants around her knees with my other hand. I kissed her and savored her breath struggling to get out as I choked her.  Her eyes so beautiful as consciousness threatened to leave her. I held her like that until the brink of unconsciousness. Then I tore her pants completely off and threw them in the back of the jeep.

As she regained her breath I slid two fingers inside her feeling that she was completely wet. I put my other hand back on her neck as I worked her pussy with my hand. This time gently caressing her face with my thumb. As she recovered I put my thumb in her mouth and she began to suck as I threatened to make her cum.

Eris knew how this game was going to be played. She knew I was going to dress her up like a neko girl, a human cat girl. Eris’ spirit animal was a cat, as mine is a wolf.  I was going to summon a friend (she did not know who) and we would hunt her down and fuck her.

Next to Eris’s naked body was my back pack full of sex toys and rope and her outfit.

I pulled off her shirt and took off her bra so she was totally naked in the back of my jeep. Her sassy smile was there. She was fucking ready to go. I am a high protocol dominant and can come up with a plethora of insane and elaborate things to do as foreplay. Eris’ favorite foreplay, however, is fucking. Hard deep fucking. I have found that the best way to get her to play my games is to open her pussy with my cock.

I lay her back in the back of my jeep. She grabbed her legs and pulled them up high so her calves were near her face.

I growled and moaned as I piled into her. Eris fakes nothing, she will look bored and unresponsive if you don’t do it right. Doing it right is to utterly destroy her pussy like a jackhammer from space. I muscles were rock solid and I was coming into her intensely and hard. Then the music she sings entered into my ears. That music are Eris’s sweet little moans. She moans into my ear, not on purpose, but  because she is pulling me into her to show me we have found her sweet spot.

I dont stop until she cums, but she doesn’t cum until she says as she’s been trained “…Daddy, can I cum?”

I let her. I need her too. I have to throb my cock hard to stop myself from cumming.

When she’s done I pull myself off her. Her pussy is small and shaved. But she is a little open from our fun. I pull a brand new pink princess plug out of my back pack for her. Eris is squeamish about butt stuff but she loves these damn cutesy plugs.

I on the other hand love butt stuff and rack my brain trying to think of how to transform Eris into an anal slut.

I put it in her, she got scared and closed her cheeks and pulled away at first, but smiled once it settled in.

I pulled out my phone and began to take pictures of her naked, wet and plugged and send them to my very old close friend Mark.

Mark was a heavy metal guitarist. Big, strong, smart and heavily tattooed. Eris would love him. His head was clean shaven and a giant at 6’3. She knew who he was. Since he was such an old friend he had become a fan of the content Eris and I were posting online. He had messaged her a time or two. Their attraction was known but him here in real life was going to be a lovely surprise.

This night she would be a total slut. A perfect fuck toy captured in public by two big strong men to be used and abused. To be broken and trained to not be human anymore, to shapeshift into her feral cat form.

After Eris was plugged, and in spite of all her hesitation about anal she was acting like a princess with a tiara with her plug. I had more gifts for her. There were some nice metal leather garters that she had been admiring online I had them, along with a white leather harness to match for my pleasure. Her new cat ears white, to contrast with her gorgeous black hair. Bells on them. We would hear lovely Eris run. Finally a brand new white leather collar with a bell on it anyways.

“You are to0 goddamn human Eris…” I said sternly admiring her gorgeous decorated body. “You had better run before I catch you and make you shapeshift.”

Eris began to purr and rub up against me. I was not fucking buying it. She would truly be a cat when she was broken into one. Then, and only then could her magick fully take form. I took her by her throat and took her breath away. Eris’s eyes lock on mine like a good girl while she drowned in my fist.

“Run until you turn into a fucking cat! If you aren’t a cat when I catch you I will beat and torment you!” I growled and slapped her ass, at medium strength at first but with the strength of hellfire by the third. She tried to get away then but I stepped fast and grabbed her hair, straightening her cat ears as she fell into my arms. (turn into a cat Eris)  I took her down to the ground and choked her again.

I lay back laughing as she began to crawl on all fours. She smiled too. But got up and ran fast and I knew she was very very good at hiding, in spite of the disadvantage of the bells.

She disappeared quick into the gravel pits as the lights of Marks giant pick up truck pulled up. He never caught sight of her but he had wanted her already. Mark was a former skinhead friend from my youth. We werent racists, we were part of a punk subculture that has roots in Brittain and even has several black founders of the movement. Mark was a vicious skin and has a tremendous tattoo of a crucified skinhead on his chest. The rest of his tattoos are artsy fartsy  $10,000 pieces that make your jaw drop. He stripped off his shirt. A true primal hunt must be done naked so I stripped down too.

We ran off in two directions into the gravel piles. There was construction equipment and cranes. Eris could be anywhere. She was exceedingly clever and was probably already spying on us. The rules of the game is we could grapple her, pull her hair or choke her, the first one to catch her would just go to town. It was the responsibility of the second wolf to find the fun on his own.

We didnt run long before I spotted her hiding behind a crane and I ran like my life depended on it. Like if I did not catch Eris my very dick would fall off.

Believe that I caught her.

I pulled her down on all fours holding in my hand the only clothes that I wore, a white leather collar that she could earn if she was a cat. She went down on all fours and purred and rubbed against my leg. She knew she would be beaten and used if she was not a cat. She meaowed and licked her paw.

I made her paw at her leash like a cat. Once her leash was on she was safe and Mark and I would only fuck her together and not do any sadistic torment.

When she saw Mark for the first time she lost her inner cat and reverted to her human form. She had been doing well, I had nearly leashed her and given her reward. But this would be more fun. I let her and Mark have an embrace, a few kisses, a moment for small talk. We even went and got cigarettes, after all we were all friends. But once that was done Eris had failed in her shapeshift and for that she would have to be disciplined.

Mark choked her first.  My dick got hard as my strong skinhead brother practically lifted her off the ground, choking her out and then holding her sitting her on his forearm to give her air. After that he shoved her to the ground on all fours. I ran to her and spanked her ass hard. He did the same. Spankings are so goddamn sexy that people can forget that they can be truly painful. Eris put her hand to try to block us. We both laughed as she tried feebly to prevent her punishment.

I walked forward to her and started to choke her, when she was allowed to breathe my cock was forced into her mouth. Eris was trained to worship my cock, I dont rape her throat I make myself at home in her mouth.

Mark started to use her pussy. I had told him how she liked to be fucked. His cock was bigger than mine and he was bigger than me, she really was a doll under his huge arms.

She continued to service my cock while I took turns choking her with my hands with my cock resting on her mouth and face, and tormenting her tits while she worshipped my dick. Mark pounding into her making her move like the earth quaked. Her body probably felt like the universe quaked.

We turned her over and fucked her back and forth one of us on each end of her. But at one psychic moment like two wolves in a pack we knew it was time to let her run again. She was so hot as she trembled onto her little feet. Her knees facing each other like a newborn deer. She fell again before she was able to run.

I began to pace among the gravel piles. For a minute or two I would let her collect herself. She would become a cat now or she would be covered in my bites !

I turned around Mark was already gone. Haha, eager bastard. I can certainly understand why.

I ran into the gravel piles and ran and ran for a while and could not find them. Finally about to honk and do our signal to give up I find them I find Marc clothed with Eris on all fours lapping up milk from a kitty dish with her name on it. She shape shifted for Mark.

“Good kitty, good kitty…” I said to her as I approached my shapeshifted lover to be taken for her reward. We blasted trap music from our trucks as we rode every end of Eris all night out here in public.

Stories like that inspire art, inspire porn, inspire you. Eris and I found this over and over and found ourselves rich and powerful porn producers. We were basically gangsters and the world our bitch. But that was just a happy icing on the true feast that what was what happened between us behind clothed doors.

Count Dracula and his prophet Bram Stoker taught us that the blood is the life.

Wild Eris becomes order in the presence of blood, and I become order for her.

When I play with her blood we are in motherfucking church. I had a special circular room built to our headquarters to look like both a dungeon and the cell of a monk. For all our immense wealth every fucking penny was to redeem this moment. Eris hanging by her wrists from the ceiling part of her weight supported as both legs spread far in this suspension rig.  We are surrounded by a circle of candles and salt. This is a sacred place where I the Wolf Dendron, master of order and chaos, will bleed my Muse the sacred Eris.

She will bleed for me and my vampire side will feed from her. I have Eris gagged, she took a while to warm up to it but she knows how much it pleases me. She is so free and sometimes she flies away from me. For all my love of amputation I have never sawed off her wings. I like to see Eris fly even when she flies away. What fun is it to hunt a goddess if you cant enjoy the ride. I am the Wolf Dendron and today this goddess is mine, in chains, and she will fucking bleed for me.

I keep her eyes. I hold a flogger in my hands and circle around her. I will cut her, but I will make her skin crawl with pain and anticipation first. I will make her nerves sing like a choir.

I hear her moan and scream through her gag. My cock is rock fucking hard. Hard because the god Pan lives inside me.

When I am satisfied with the marks given to Eris from the flogger I remove her gag. I pull out my knife. It was custom made by an artisan we met at a goth music festival. It was sharp enough to split an atom.

Eris was my prisoner and she would bleed first from her goddamn lips. When we are in the sacred blood space Eris never disobeys. Never flees. Never strikes my hand. She obeys and we are cleansed.

She kisses the blade and blood begins to trickle down her face. Today I will not just bleed Eris I will scar her. She will fly away again no doubt, but covered in my Warlock’s brands. Her body a poem to me written in the tongues of demons and angels.

The way she hung for me she was like a canvas. I carved the symbol of the demon Oriax, a marquis of Hell, on her back. She was Oriax to me. Many years ago I did chaos magick to summon demons by drawing them as females in hentai porn. Oriax was Eris and Eris was now in my hands. The cuts were many and slow. She moaned. Her moans, oh god her moans. Once upon a time Odysseus nearly crashed his ships at the song of sirens. Eris sang the sirens song for me. The blood poured down her body from her back over her ass down her thighs.

While I finished her back I added to her moans with the hitachi wand. The wand gradually began to glisten with her blood.  She would bleed and cum, and I would cum on her blood.

Next her ass and her thighs. I lapped up the blood that poured down her back as I inspected her for where I wanted new wounds.

I brought her down from her tie. I carved an alpha and an omega above her tits and suckled the blood as it poured down. The alchemist in me wild with the taste of iron. Her every juice was mine to drink and feed upon. She was a sentient fruit plucked from the garden of God.

I put her on her knees, she dripped like a flower with morning due in the sacred circle. My brain behind my eyes snapping into a godlike awareness as I saw the drip drop make a sacred pattern only chaos or Jackson Pollock could understand. She was here bleeding for me . On her ass I carved on her words in angelic script. They bound her to me. But they were not in a human language just pretty shapes.

I licked her blood as it poured down her thighs until my cock could take it no more. I impaled her. I went fast and deep She continued to bleed I know what I want. I want her blood pregnant with my seed. I want her to be mine like a potion.

I turn her on her back and feel that we are both wet with her blood. Both baptized in her every pain her every sorrow her every joy. Here what is her life covering us. My eyes insane. My worship for her absolute.

I pile my cock in her as she bleeds and paints me in life. I become a god again. Again and again. She feels me ready. She knows my body like a book she has read over and over again. She pushes me out and the second ingredient shoots all over her. Our eyes lock as I moan like  beast of hell. Together I feel our fluids as I embrace her for the longest kiss in history.

This is how Eris and I conquered the world. And we ruled with a fist of iron.

I Lord Dendron, first of my Order, pray to manifest my perfect self.










No Platonic Play Allowed — January 9, 2016

No Platonic Play Allowed

In the last few months as I have stepped up my involvement with kink an unexpected dilemma has arisen.

Non-sexual play.

What the fuck is non-sexual play?

Well with BDSM there are a variety of kinks some quite elaborate. I am into high protocol D/s, DD/lg, and pet play which are all pretty elaborate themselves. And even being a good sadist for a good masochist is definitely a skill set.

It also turns out that there are tons of people in the community who enjoy rope bondage, beating, being beaten, and other forms of play with no need for any kind of sexuality.

I have a great desire to be an expert player. In fact I get on fetlife and tumblr and rank people as true masters of the art of their fetish. For example a person called Hole Trainer on fet is definitely #1 in the world in anal. I bestow this title on him somewhat objectively by observing his work.

In our own scene and through my own experience with mentorship I  have seen people I consider great Dominants and great submissives. People who should be studied and imitated. These people are giants whos shoulders should be stood upon.

I want to be the best I can possibly be. So there are people around who would play with me that I don’t want to fuck. There are also people who I like and have pursued that might play with me because I have developed certain skill sets but are not in any way sexually attracted to me.

I know people who play this way. Who play platonically. Who play asexually.

The opportunity for me to play this way has presented itself a few times, and there are some negotiations on the table right now that I had been pursuing on the assumption that this would be ok with me.

A little soul searching later and now I know its not OK with me. Its not that I am opposed to it for other people. If you want to play with a limp dick or a dry cunt – high five.  I have figured out that this is not for me. The sexual energy is way to important a component of my play.

Now I can play non-sexually, but not platonically. I say that because I have a friend who is a fellow dominant who shared his girlfriend and submissive for sadomasochistic play at a play party once and I felt that there was mutual chemistry between me and this person. I am not allowed to fuck her but that energy was crucial. It was extremely hot.

I can play with someone and we can agree no penetration, we can agree no oral, no hands on the genitals and I would still be down as long as they have some level of sexual attraction to me and me for them. Otherwise its just not going to work for me. I would not be my Dominant self. My wolf would not come out. I would just be like a bad actor in play.

What makes my Dominant personality rise to the surface and my primal energy take over my whole being is intrinsically tied to my sexual energy.

I am relieved to have figured this out. This issue was causing me great confusion because I do want to learn. I do want to practice. But if there is no mutual attraction, then for me there is no fucking point.